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    is it safe to delete map_xxx.dat files?
    I have 15000 of them in my world folder.

    A part of them:

    Can they be the cause of lag when player logs in?

    Thanks a lot
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  2. Each file represents a map in the game.
    Each time a map is created its given a new id, and the data for said map is stored in that file.
    So if you delete them, the players will lose their maps.

    I doubt it causes any lag when a player logs in.
    I would assume when a player has a map in their inventory, the data for that map is loaded from the file.
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    Thanks so no lag like the scoreboards.bat file? I read that scoreboards.bat file can cause lag on join (it's in the same folder)
  4. Dont quote me on it, but I would assume no lag.

    Let's say I log in and I have 1 map in my inventory. From my understanding, the map in my inventory will load data from the maps folder, corresponding to the MAP ID of my map. I can't see any reason this would cause lag, unless every item in my inventory was a map, each with a different ID.
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    This has sense.
    Well server seems to send scoreboards.bat file to players when they join so it's likely to be the cause of lag, while has no sense to send every map file to client on join, so I don't think it happens.

    Do you think that server is auto deleting map files of removed items? (destroyed and cleared from inventory)
    If not, do you think is there any risk on deleting the corresponding map file at runtime when an item is removed?