Spigot Maplands 1.1

Minecraft worlds in the map dimension

  1. I see goodluck :),

    I also noticed some lag when a player joined and noticed these in timings, it's pretty high isn't it?
    Here's the full report from when a player joins
  2. TeamBergerhealer


    @Alter-Ego It has to recalculate the entire map from scratch each time it is initialized for the first time, so it'll lag a bit when players spawn near it for the first time. It shouldn't lag as bad the times after though. There's an open issue that the render speed should be configurable to reduce the tick rate hike it is suffering right now, so I think that could benefit you too.

    I've also fixed your issue, I think. https://ci.mg-dev.eu/job/BKCommonLib/526
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  3. I'm still having the issue where the player that placed the /map can see it every time but sometimes players that didn't place the map can't see it, do they need a permission to be able to see the maps that other players place?
    PS: The /map is in a worldguard region
  4. TeamBergerhealer


    There is no such permission, maybe it is a bug then? How rare is sometimes? It can help me to know when it always happens other players cant see it so I can reproduce it/fix it myself
  5. It seems to happen at random tbh but frequently like 50% of the time when I log in near it. I even had it happen to the player that made the map too. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I used /map command twice to get 2 maps of the same area with each one placed on each side of the same 4x4 block wall? I am also spawning in near the map itself when I join but my alt account cant see it and just appears as item frames, I can upload a video of the issue occurring if you want if ti will help
  6. TeamBergerhealer


    It could help, I'll definitely look into fixing it as this is an important thing to fix for a next BKCommonLib release. Maybe it's a weird thing with rejoining, but first time joining after a server restart is fine, or something of the sort...
  7. Ok thanx, here's what's happening after I start server and join, PS: I'm joining using localhost and using paper spigot 1.13.2
  8. TeamBergerhealer


    @Alter-Ego tried a couple thing on my local server with two different clients but it seems to consistently work for me. I did have to fix some render glitches I had introduced when fixing things in an earlier commit. (in particular, minecart track). Worth asking maybe, are there any errors in the server log related to bkcommonlib or maplands?

    It might also be related to a plugin conflict I'm not aware of, are there any other plugins on the server that alter/update maps? Like maybe bannerboard. (although it was compatible with that so far...)
  9. I'm pretty sure I don't use a plugin that alters or updates maps. I did however used to use the animated frames plugin but have since removed it would it be possible that animatedframes altered some of the maps bkcommonlib was going to use before I removed it? If so is there a way to refresh/restore the default map files or cache or whatevs u call it (sorry if the terminology is wrong, im not very smart with plugins yet).

    I sent you a PM of all the plugins I use, but I don't think any of them alter maps.

    Extra info: This world I'm testing on was originally a 1.12 world that I copied over to my 1.13.2 server when I updated to 1.13.2, whether that affects maps I'm not sure. I'm also using the Optifine Client (latest)
  10. Andre_601


    @TeamBergerhealer Will this plugin work with latest dev-build of BKCommonLib? (Also you should perhaps upload Version 0.6 here xP)

    FYI: I run PaperSpigot 1.14.2
  11. TeamBergerhealer


    @Andre_601 Ive been struggling to keep up to date with minecraft as mojang keeps pushing updates like this. I can try to get it to 1.14.2 today but for now its still at 1.14/1.14.1
  12. TeamBergerhealer


  13. Hello an update for version 1.14.3?

    Thank you in advance.
  14. Andre_601


    It worked for 1.14.2 witha dev build of BKCommonLib, so if that dependency was updated for latest Spigot build, then this plugin might work.
  15. ok i'll see that thanks.
  16. TeamBergerhealer


    TeamBergerhealer updated Maplands with a new update entry:

    Support for Minecraft 1.14+, bugfixes, added configuration

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  17. Does this works for 1.14.3?
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  18. Read the updates, look above your post "Besides officially supporting 1.14+ etc" 1.14 + = all 1.14 builds, (1.14, 1.14.1, 1.14.2, 1.14.3, 1.14.4)
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  19. TheCynicalKitty

    TheCynicalKitty Previously ChrisIsHD

    Im getting a
    Code (Text):
    [19:32:29 ERROR]: Could not load 'plugins/Maplands-0.6.jar' in folder 'plugins'
  20. Did you add BKCommonLib as well?