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  1. When the game starts, the lobby above the map does not disappear and it is possible to reach it with blocks during the game.
  2. That's not a bug and there's an easy solution for that. Please buy the plugin and join our Discord
  3. Does anyone who has already acquired it know how to say how the support is? if it's fast and etc. works fine on 1.16.5 waiting for response to buy from BR
  4. 1.16.5 support is stable. If you want to talk with other customers then you might want to join our Discord (, or go through the reviews.
  5. Marcely99 updated ⭕ Marcely's Bedwars ⭕ Supports 1.8 - 1.17 ⭐ | Accepts QIWI, PSC, SOFORT etc. with a new update entry:

    QoL and support for MC1.18 | 5.0.4

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  6. there are no colored nicknames above their heads during the game. Spigot version 1.16.5 and add-ons do not work, it turns out that there is no add-on in the folder as is. Please help *
  7. Hey, it's possible that another plugin is blocking/removing the player color. You might also want to check whether "player-color" is even enabled within your config.cm2.
    Otherwise, please join our Discord for further help:
  8. Marcely99 updated ⭕ Marcely's Bedwars ⭕ Supports 1.8 - 1.18 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ EST. 2015 / 6Y AGO AND ONGOING with a new update entry:

    HUGE | 5.0.5

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  10. Hello,
    thank you for your kind comment? It'd be firstly interesting to know which one and why you decided to comment it here instead of telling it to me directly.
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    As someone who's a paid author you should really know the guidelines, however `Descriptions should not contain substantive text in images.`.
    Also, just way too many people to do it via too many people.
  12. I did read the rule and I'm in regular contact with people in Discord to retain everything correctly.
    This resource exists since over 6 years and now out of the nothing you decided that this is a bad thing?

    "substantive": important, serious, or related to real facts:

    Are you serious? This means something like this, where literally all the text is in a single picture. I've tried my best to take everything out of the images and retain it in normal text forms, for retaining the ability to read it. The only thing left are the banners and the "extensive", "efficient" and "user friendly" boxes, which can still be read, even on mobile and in dark mode. And I wouldn't call them "substantive".

    It'd be more helpful if you'd actually communicate with your community instead of threatening them. I still am not sure what I've made wrong.

    And what's wrong with that? If you're someone who receive tons of notifications every day, you likely won't see this one. As a result, you would ban me, even tho I wouldn't have known that.

    EDIT: After confronting him in the Discord, he literally only meant the 3 boxes "extensive", "efficient" and "user friendly". I hope that he learned something from that and don't hate on him, please. For developers panicking because they possibly have to face a punishment: All you have to do is to add a transcript, contact him and only him if you want to know to which ones exactly.
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  13. Marcely99 updated ⭕ Marcely's Bedwars ⭕ Supports 1.8 - 1.18 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ EST. 2015 / 6Y AGO AND ONGOING with a new update entry:

    A minor hotfix for a small oopsie ;) |

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  14. THANK YOU so much for the continual updates to this AWESOME plugin. ....and now version #s on the file name, YAY YAY YIPIEEE.
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    Not just this. "What makes Marcley's Bedwards Standout' and 'Auto-Hooks for greater experience' currently falls under the specific rule as well :)
    Anything that adds important info falls under the specific rule.

    If *every* image didn't load for one reason or another there'd be very little important info and description left.
    This can easily be verified by using an addon like ImageBlock