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  1. that i say is in this part of the config


    # The address of your hub-server
    # Example: bungeecord-hub-address:
    bungeecord-hub-address: localhost:25564

    # The subchannel name of this server
    bungeecord-subchannel: arena1

    can put like this

    # The address of your hub-server
    # Example: bungeecord-hub-address:
    - localhost:25564
    - localhost:25563
    - localhost:25562
    - localhost:25561
    # The subchannel name of this server
    bungeecord-subchannel: arena1

    somthing like this, can be possible? i need this type of config or somthing like that
  2. Kann man nicht einfach machen Server gestoppt? Dann wird man doch auf nen zufällig Hub geschoben weil das Addon geht bei mir nicht weil die Cloud die Port zuteilt und die immer anders sind
  3. Hallo,

    kann mir einer sagen wieso man die Blöcke die man setzt nicht abbauen kann. Habe alle einstellungen nachgeschaut vorher gings jetzt geht es plötzlich nicht mehr.
  4. Dann nutz nicht das Add-on, sondern die CloudSystem Konfigs.
    Das liegt dann wahrscheinlich an einem andere Plugin. Prüfe nach an welchem, in dem du nach und nach Plugins deaktivierst.
  5. Danke! Geiles Plugin!
  6. Why did you remove the resource?
    What happends now?, we paid 20 USD
    And now we can't have the plugin?
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  7. @Marcely99 I have two huge problems:
    1) Players can break blocks (present in the shop) that they didn't place. For example: Map X is made with stained clay, players can break the map because stained clay is in the shop
    2) I can't add more items in the shop, exceeded 2 or 3 new items no longer adds them

    Please reply as soon as possible and resolve it @Marcely99
  8. Players are able to break any block which is purchaseable in the shop. If you really need that, I can add that, as you are not the only one who wants that.
    Could you send me your shop-config.yml?
  9. Please can you add it today? Because i want to open now bedwars (if yes thank you very much i'm going to rate this plugin 5 stars)
    Sure, wait 1 second i update thi reply with the shop config
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  11. Can you help me now? @Marcely99
  12. This page is finally back!
    We also created a new discord group:
    Make sure to enter the group if you've questions about it!
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  13. I'm really happy for you, because this plugin is the best! Remember to fix bugs that I've written in private to you please :)
  14. wich bug?? can you tell me?
  15. I paste the message that I wrote to him in private:
    "1) Add possibility to disable breaking of blocks not placed by users but present in the shop (you already know)
    2) Add possibility to add more item in the shops (or if you can tell me why it does not work) (you already know)
    3) Fix that players die on leaving one match."
    For the 2 bug i have sent my shop-config.yml to him to check if I did something wrong
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  16. Hy @Marcely99, can you release the next update with these features within tonight?
  17. No, I am sorry. I am really out of time.
  18. I want a charge back although the TOS say "no refund or charge back", I bought this plugin for like 3 weeks and its a waste to my server because your bungee mode don't work. The author said he works 5 hours a day, my minigame Overcraft I spend 10 or 12 hours just to make all of the stuff but why 5 hours/day can't even create a new bungee system? The author promise me that upgrade villager will come out in a week now its 3 weeks, and i can't see any progression. This plugin is count as a scam, it don't work for mine, I have ask for support but no progression and the author said hes out of time? Consider to chargeback or I will report this plugin as a scam. Author still active but don't support because i rate the plugin 1*, am I wrong? My money lost for 3 weeks and now my server don't have any progression, my client complain about it, I thought it would be better if I bought the more expensive plugin but it worth and useless than a 10$ bedwar. Please chargeback, I don't want to continue working on this plugin anymore.
    Unquality plugin, not recommended
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  19. I'm codingpig staff, we're making bedwar server, i thought expensive plugin will have more feature but turns out it worst than a 10$ plugin, of course we asking for the support and its been 3 weeks, no progress found, our money and our time wasted, we want a refund.
    We wait for our turn to update but 3 weeks * 7 days/week * 5 hours = 105 hours of work and can't even make an upgrade villager or new bungee mode system.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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