Premium Marcely's Bedwars [1.7.* - 1.1.0.*] {HUGE 2.3 release: world regeneration, more customizeable...

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  1. I totally agree. I was helping in configuring this plugin on big server where I'm admin and I can only said it's very buggy plugin, others plugins have more functions, are more efficient than Marcely's BedWars.
    Players was had problems with shops (inventory didn't open, bug was reported to author by other admin), server spams in a console with a lot of warns, when plugin BannerBoard was loaded and server always crashes every 2 hours.
    Map regeneration is sh*t. It takes very long time and cause laggs. I don't recommend this plugin.
    When the server owner bought plugin from @xTheMAG amount of players online increase from 35 to 90, every problem dissapear, server stop crashing.
    Players are more satisfied from @xTheMAG plugin. I hear, when server owner ask @Marcely99 he also declined a refund request. This plugin isn't worth $20.
    For example one bug: on win command was executed even if it was disabled in the config. It was fixed after ONE MONTH after reporting this by second admin. One month...
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  2. Declined for refund equals scam, because the plugin don't work and no support from the author although we wait for almost 3 weeks. If you busy, just refund so we can buy other better bedwar plugin, its not our fault that didnt watch tutorial or request bugs, its your FAULT.
    P.s Maybe rename the plugin to the best, largest trash of Bedwar plugins
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  3. You didn't even reported ONE bug. What do you expect? That I am going to join your server and spy you?
    Because it's a bug with BannerBoard! Not Marcely's Bedwars. Or shall I remove the crap of others?
    Impossible. It's working completly outside of minecraft. Just google for threads.
    It's not like that you could you remove the execution line.
    Give me at least one example.

    You told me that only some arenas arrive, not that none arena arrives. Please send me your latest.log, bungeecord, bedwars and bedwars-hub configs as it seems like that you didn't fill the configs in correctly.

    Because I said that I was doing it then doesn't mean that I am forced to do that now
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  4. Firstly - not always bigger is better. There are plugins smaller (.jar size), but better than bigger. It's easy to create a huge plugin with thousands lines of code, but in this case plugin will be very buggy. More lines of code - more places where you can make mistake. Everybody do mistakes.
    I didn't reported any bugs, but two other admins from my server do it. One of them is for ex. Kwiatek200.
    If it is BannerBoard bug, why it correctly works on each server, where I have an administration rank? The warns in the console are only when working with Marcely's BedWars.
    Other plugins have BETTER map regeneration system. For example not like AsyncWorldEdit like in your plugin, but MAP PER WORLD, when game is over, plugin restore original world etc.
    If you can't create plugin without bugs, you should add "Bugs" section to plugin desc. Users want to know, what is bad with plugin.
  5. The problem with small is that it's very difficult to create new stuff and the code is really messy then. This plugin was small but it was difficult to work with the small and messy code.
    I can't see any open bug report by him. I've fixed every bug which he has reported to me.
    Because BannerBoard has compatibly issues with Marcely's Bedwars, not in other way.
    The current system is working by unloading the world and by replacing the old chunk data with the saved ones and then loading the world. The problem here is, that spigot only allows synchronized world loading/unloading. Doing that async can cause compatibly issues and would take a long time to implement, even the normal regeneration system took a really long time to optimize it to its best. If have an idea to do it in an other way, just tell it me.
    We have discord for that
  6. I'm with you but please release an update within today :( i really need those features (apart the bug I could not add items to the shop because I solved)
  7. Sure! ;)
  8. Thank you bro! Anyway I solved the bug I could not add items to the shop so you do not have to fix it just have to fix the others
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  10. Yes, I did. 'Unable to add/remove more items to shop' and 'destroyblock-builtbyplayers'. Or did you send me more?
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  11. Ok but there is also that when arena is restarting in World mod dealer disappears and player die when doing /leave in spec mod, thanks
  12. Which version do you use?
  13. Spigot 1.8.8
  14. I mean of this plugin
  15. i don't know if you are going to add this, but if you can the villager upgrade like hypixel

    bedwars upgrade.png
  16. That's already in Trello with the name 'Upgrades'
  17. The latest version you released...