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  1. Hey Guys, I have a surprise for you, I am working with Marcely on this :) this is just, let's call it "Beta" Configs, my creation :)

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  2. wow, can you upload some image??
  3. with marcelys permission i could upload some configs :)
    but i created this config with palceholders that need to be added
  4. And the main config? I need bug fixing...
  5. You have not updated even today...
  6. he has problem with his internet, in discord you see the advise
  7. I am really tired waiting.
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  9. Yes, it's my fault that you are trying to do something without knowing how. It's like building a car without knowing how. I am not god, whereby unable to see everything e.g. unable to see mistakes I and you mrs. perfect did. Also it should work now . I am still asking myself why it's trash because of one thing that isn't working because of a laggy server.
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  10. in the rank part, can you change this for costum ranks? example, i will like to have groups per wins al kills
    like bronze, silver, gold, etc
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  12. That it's getting sorted by kills?
  13. Ummm i think better by winning games
    For rank up winning games better
  14. That's already the default
  15. But custon name of ranks, and group per rank, players that are in bronze rank, for example has a indentifie in his name or something like that, and rank stats for lobbys separate with groups in lobby and show the topten per rank, and then when you finish the tournament, has a tournament per rank group
  16. Do you mean matchmaking?
  17. i will try to explain what i mean

    level system 1 until 100

    when players arrive at lvl 100 they start the ranking system

    groups of ranks:

    bronze: start at level 100 and players need winning 10 games for be bronze
    silver: next level of bronze, need winning 40 games to be silver
    gold: next level of silver, need 100 games winning to have this rank
    platinum: next level of gold, for have this rank you need winning 300 games
    diamond: need winning 500 games for be this rank.
    challenger: the best rank
    if you lost the 60% or more of the games, you lose your rank
    if you win more than 10 games but less of 40 games (example: win 15 games you are bonze 5, win 20 games bronze 4, win 25 games bronze 3, win 30 games bronze 2 and win 35 games bronze 1)

    list of groups and wining rank

    bronze v : 10 to 15 games winning
    bronze iv: 16 to 20 games winning
    bronze iii: 21 to 25 games winning
    bronze ii: 26 to 30 games winning
    bronze i: 31 to 39 games winning
    silver v: 40 to 50 games winning
    silver iv 51 to 60 games winning
    silver iii 61 to 70 games winning
    silver ii 71 to 90 games winning
    silver i 91 to 99 games winning
    gold v: 100 to 125
    gold iv 125 to 175
    gold iii 176 to 200
    gold ii 201 to 250
    gold i 251 to 299
    platinum v: 300 to 325
    platinum iv: 326 to 375
    platinum iii: 376 to 400
    platinum ii: 401 to 450
    platinum i 451 to 499
    diamond v 500 to 600
    diamond iv: 601 to 700
    diamond iii 701 to 800
    diamond ii 801 to 900
    diamond i 901 to 999
    challenger: 1000 games wining or more

    lose level:
    you need to lose the 60% or more of the games that you play.
    and if you are on bronze i, and you lose 60% of games, you get down ultil bronze ii
    if you lose the 65% of games, you will get down until bronze iii
    lose 70% of games, you get down ultil bronze iv
    lose 80% of games, you get down until bronze v
    lose 90% or more, you will be unranked again

    this apply to all of ranks

    torunaments: only has access rank players
  18. Good idea :)
    This would be an option to enable in the config :)
  19. i have 2 problems
    bungeecord with ip 192.168.1.x doesn't work
    all my server are on different local machine
    so, my bungee has
    my lobby has
    and my arena is
    i can't setup bungeemode with the addon
    and i have this on my shell

    i bought your plugin, because i gave you the probes
    and i have internet on my computer
    Captura de pantalla_2017-08-10_05-57-27.png

    i found a bug when arena restart on bungeemode, the placeblocks still there bedwars maps finish.png
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