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  1. Hey guys, i have already been using mysql in my plugin and its working flawlessly, but now i see MariaDB is around (fork of MySQL), how can i implement it in my plugin?
  2. You use the same syntax, it just provides backend differences, and some more query commands.

    MariaDB vs MySQL
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  3. It works the exact same for your plugin, I doubt you'll have to make any changes to your plugins like @ryans1230 said.
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  4. This is for the server owner/hosting provider to worry about, not developers.
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  5. Im the owner and dev :p
  6. So i wont change my plugin, i only uninstall mysql from my vps and install mariadb?
  7. Well you'll have to do some conversion of your data, unless you don't mind losing it.
  8. Out of interest, what would be lost? I had a fairly large database which I simply exported and imported into MariaDB flawlessly.
  9. Maybe it was just my one experience with accidentally setting up SQL on a machine and then trying to move it.