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  1. MarioKart in Minecraft with models made out of armor stands

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  2. MarioKart in Minecraft with a resource pack

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  1. Note: I'm not so sure if this is the correct forum section for this thread.

    Hello! I had an idea for my next big project. I want to bring the popular game, Mario Kart, into the world of Minecraft. I know that it was done before (Hypixel's Turbo Kart Racers and Mineplex's old racing minigame) but I am going to add my own unique features and hopefully make it different than the other versions.

    I do not need any help with coding for now. I just want to know what the community prefer before I begin making this plugin. So if you could spend a couple of moments answering the next questions, it would be greatly appreciated :D

    • Should I make a texture pack or use armor stands? (Click here to see the pros and cons)
    • Should I create a new world for each match or use the same world for all matches (I want multiple matches to run at the same time)?
    • Should I use signs for joining a match or use Toad (made out of armorstands/a model from the resourcepack) that adds a player to a match when being clicked? Poll:
    Please do tell me your suggestions if you have some o_O
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  2. A texture pack would be really cool!
    I would think use the same world for all matches.

    I can't wait to see it when you're done!

    Update: Scratch whatever I said previously. Here's my new thoughts.
    Maybe use armor stands instead of resource packs.
    Is it possible to make it so that it makes a new copy of the track a distance away from the others when needed but in the same world, avoiding both extra world loading drain and entity hiding drain?
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  3. Thank you.
  4. Would this be on a public server or as a plugin to purchase?

    I feel try make it as Vanilla as possible, if you see all the servers with custom texture pack games, they are not popular. Hypixel gets barely 100 players on Turbo Kart Racers, which is like 0.1% of hypixels playerbase. (The same issue applies to Warlords, another intense texture pack based game).

    I feel people don't enjoy games they need to understand, make it as familier as possible to the average player as many people tend to want to play, enjoy and leave. Without any of the hassle.

    Try make the game close to Mario Kart, its such a popular game and I'm sure people would appreciate the common references, still be unique though! (Especially if you are going to put it on a network for example.)

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  5. I am planning to post the plugin here on Spigot.

    Thank you for the information. I always wondered why turbo kart racers became less popular, I never thought that the texturepack was the reason.
  6. Neither would I. Texture packs are such a cool addition to any server, but I feel people don't like the hassle.
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  7. I would use ArmorStands if you are able to make it look as good as it would look when using a texturepack.

    What exactly do you mean with multiple worlds? You mean using the same map or actually running all races in the same world instance? Because I really don't recommend doing that. It would be such a pain in the ass hiding the players, entities, etc from people in a different match.
  8. Multiple worlds: each match will be in a new world.
    Same world: Hide everything from the other matches and run a new match in the same location.

    It might be hard to hide the entities and particles but having many worlds running in the same time may slow down the server.
  9. I'd recommend multiple worlds. Just unload and delete the world each time at the end of each session. Easier, less hassle with hiding particles and players etc.

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  10. Ahh I didn't understand what you were asking then. I thought you were asking if it would be better to have the different tracks in the same world or different worlds, like with Paintball War Edition if you've played that. Can't you just make a copy of the track and move it a distance away in the same world, avoiding both issues?
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  11. WAS


    Number 1 issue is not resource packs but the client handling them. Since release, never once has a required resource pack EVER installed for me without going to their website or tryng to track it down, and doing it manually. Which for children (still a good majority of populace) its a hassle or discoragement.
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  12. Oh. I've never used resource packs -- ever -- so I thought they just installed themselves automagically.
  13. WAS


    There is a prompt along the lines of "This server requires a resource pack. Do you want to download it?" and it has Yes and No buttons. But clicking Yes, for me, over the years, form Win7, 8, 8.1, to 10, has done nothing. Lol Doesn't download anything. And most server networks have just terrible websites and no information so usually I can't find their resource pack to manually download.
  14. Thanks for answering my questions. After hearing your opinions I've decided to not use a texture pack.

    However, I am still not sure if I should make a world for each match or run all of the matches on one world. As I said before, multiple worlds may slow down the server. However, hiding all of the entities and particles that are from a different match can be really hard to do and it may not work as expected.
  15. I suggest multiple worlds. This way you can create a 'maps' folder, and upload worlds to there that you want to be used as maps for the minigame. Make it select at random, and load players onto that world, unique to them. Unload it after youre done and youre good to go :)
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  16. Why not armorstands AND custom resourcepack? Makes things interesting - you can have quite a lot of control over the positioning of a block when it's on the head of the armorstand, and the player is riding it. I'm unsure as to how to do this but I swear I read somewhere about being able to read the direction in which a player is trying to move even if they're riding something else, i.e. said armorstand. You could use this to move the "kart".
  17. I am planning to make the plugin comfortable with custom maps, in case some servers wants to be unique.

    It sounds like a great way to manage the maps! It is easy to configure and should work smooth. I might use this.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions!
  18. Make it like the old one... u build a track..u have power ups along the track and check points and a finish line..a lobby
  19. The problem is that all of the armor stands will be very resource intensive on bad pcs.
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