Resource Mario Party API - Is someone interested?

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  1. Hi, I hope this is in the right section. And this is probably yet another game api for minecraft.
    However, I wanted to make a mario party plugin that works kind of like the real mario party, with (kind of) smooth movement between fields, circular maps, map events and so on. It is really just suited for around 6 players and is still in development.

    I wanted to ask, if somebody is somehow interested in this game mode and maybe wants to help with the development.

    If you are interested:

    If you need some help or want some short documentation please contact me!

    (Sorry for my bad writing, not my native language)
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  2. Really cool concept, but don't have the time to mess with it.
  3. I'm interested in contributing and I'll likely submit a merge request at some point. I must ask though, why GitLab for an open source project?
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  4. Gitlab has a load of advantages over GitHub, for example, linking PRs with issues
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  5. bump (i'll do it just one, but I don't wan't this source to be left alone :cry:)