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  1. Oups i speak french in message xDD "MarketPlace ( 1.8.6 ) with* Cauldron forge 1.7.10-1614"
  2. And what is not working? Any error in console?
  3. Quand je mets un item d'un mods il met une erreur en rouge mais je l'ai retiré du serveur pour le moment :/ ( sorry in french xD my english is not perfect ) TRANSALTE : When I put an item of a mods it puts an error in red but I removed it from the server for the moment
  4. MarketPlace doesn't guarantee mod support since I use Bukkit's items table to store/parse them, but I would need any kind of error log in order to see if I can do something
  5. Yes no problem i try again and i send u error
  6. Very nice plugin. And Could you add an Item Name translation file.In the messages on the chat screen,
    The name of the item on display is in English but I am a Chinese user.
  7. If you are in < 1.13 you can install LangUtils this will translate the items on messages for each player (depending on their Language setting selected in-game) you can also set the default language (if langutils can't find the player's language) in the config option langutils.default I think chinese is zh_cn

    Otherwise if you are > 1.13 there is no way to do it (but I try to find a solution for upcoming releases)
  8. ok,THX.I'll try this LangUtils.
  9. rodel77 updated MarketPlace - Safe and Easy trade! [Discord Notifications, Web Client, DB, Logs] with a new update entry:

    2.0.0 | WebMarket

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  10. do anyone have a link to a live version of the web end that works?
  11. Here is the one for the official test server (
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  12. Could you implement a way for a person to individually set the min and the max cost for each item? For example, I don't want players on the server to sell dirt for less than $100.

    Currently, I'm battling a massive deflation on the server lmao

  13. I will add it to the todo list
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  14. Bug Report:

    This has to do with buyerTax. Bob puts up 1 diamond for sell for $100. With 10% buyer tax, Josh should be paying $110 for the diamonds. However, if Josh has only $100, he can buy the diamond without paying the tax AND not spending any money while obtaining the item.

    The buyer tax can basically be bypassed if the buyer has enough money without the tax calculated in.
    So if diamond costs $100 and Josh has anywhere between $100-$109, he can get the item for free.

    using Essentials as economy hook.
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  15. Nice report, I will take note for the next update
  16. question are you gonna add 1.14 support ?
  17. yeah i would also like to know the 1.14 status. do anyone have testet the current version on 1.14? how do it perform? is it stable?
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  18. Most of my server plugin has been updated to 1.14 and stable. Are there any information about 1.14?
  19. My players can't claim back their expired items :/ what can I do ?
    When I try to claim back an expired item, it says "sorry, this is not available anymore"
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  20. Any console error?