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  1. Two things:
    1. Some of my players want a "Claim All" button for the "Unclaimed Listings" menu, could you add this?
    2. The discord webhook purchase messages aren't following the price format I have set in my config. My format is set to '#,##', but it's still displaying the decimal on the end. Example: $128.0 should be $128
  2. 1. Is already planned
    2. Try to use this format: '#,##0.00' the '.0' is not removed but '.00'
  3. Thanks.
    Could you add an option that makes the marketplace menu open back up if the player cancels their search?
  4. Will 1.13 be supported;);)
  5. That format doesn't fix it. Purchase messages are still using the wrong format.
  6. What search you mean?

    I will check that later

    I have an endless list of things to add/fix, 1.13 changes the items system, so probably will not be supported for sometime (I have much higher priority on the current state than creating different versions for 1.7-1.12 & 1.13 and refactoring everything)
  7. When somebody searches for lore or for item IDs
  8. Sorry for delay I will add it to the todo list
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  9. rodel77 updated MarketPlace - Safe and Easy trade! [Discord Notifications, Web Client, DB, Logs] [TEST SERVER] with a new update entry:

    1.7.0 | Bulk claim, publish tax

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  10. Lee


    Thanks for the update! I still have a few requests:

    1. Placeholder api support or player display name support
    2. Option to disable "Search by ID"
    3. Add the /market help to the lang file, looks very odd with the prefix on every command
    4. Able to create a shop sign, when clicked it opens that player's shop menu
  11. I'll add them into the todo list

    Also what do you mean on 3th?
  12. Lee


    Here's a screenshot:

    Just want to be able to make that look better, so what my request is that you put that text in the config.yml file so I can edit it.
  13. Hello, great developer!:oops:
    I am a user from China, so I am sorry for my poor English!
    I like your marketplace very much, but there is a place I hope to improve.
    For example, if I use Chinese, is there any way to translate item names´╝čthis is like a picture, I hope to translate item names.
  14. You need to add "LangUtils" plugin into the server, that will translate item names to each user in their selected language and you can set also the default lang on the config option "langutils.default"
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  15. rodel77 updated MarketPlace - Safe and Easy trade! [Discord Notifications, Web Client, DB, Logs] [TEST SERVER] with a new update entry:

    1.8.0 | Item Timeout

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  16. Hi friend, I really want to buy this plugin, but can you update it to 1.13 please?
    Is there option to change language of the messages?
  17. You can change all the messages from the plugin, the 1.13 update isn't a priority, it changes the entire items system and would cause ton of problems... also I am full of requests so I will focus on that before
  18. Can KC 1.7.10 be used?
  19. Sorry but I don't know what is KC