Marquee/Billboard Plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by draexo, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. I see large signs on many servers. I would call them a billboard or marquee. Are people building these or is there a plugin that makes them? Here is an example.

  2. My guess is custom build (mostly hub servers do this), don't think a plugin has been created for this. (Might be out there)
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  3. They're build by someone usually, one thing you can do is create an image and turn it into a schematic file to paste in, but it will be 2d without depth, so you'll have to multi layer it.
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  4. I guess I can build it. Just figured a plugin would be easier and more uniform. I am not the best builder out there.
  5. You'll be able to copy some letters online i'm sure someone's made many different minecraft alphabets
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  6. I did not even think of that
  7. There are actually several plugins on here that can actually use a image from a website such as imgur and paste the image to minecraft.
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  8. I found this on Bukkit

    Nothing on Spigot though.