Marriage Reloaded GUI (for BossShop)

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  1. So for my server, I've been using Marriage Reloaded. I like the plugin, but it needed a nice clean GUI.

    This is that project.



    This project is completed!



    Step 1: Download the zip file Reloaded

    Step 2: Unzip the shops folder into your BossShop plugin folder on your server
    Step 3: Do /bosssshop reload
    Step 4: Check that it's working with /bosssshop marry
    Step 5: Optional - Mask the /bossshop marry command with a plugin, such as VentureChat. For instance running /marriage will open /bossshop marry. In my case, we use a custom server GUI, through BossShop, and I've included a way to open the Marriage GUI from the custom GUI:
    Step 6a: Optional - Set SearchSubfoldersForShops: true
    Step 6b: Optional - Place Marriage shop folder in a sub folder, to keep your shops folder clean.

    WARNING: Do not mask the command /marry - This will override the Marriage Reloaded Plugin and will cause problems.



    Fix any bugs

    Let me know what you think and if you have any issues, report them in this thread!
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  2. ... I watched the video on the Marriage Reloaded plugin ...

    I think I need this... Now..

    Btw, how would marriage reloaded deal with plugman loading it in?
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  3. I stopped using plugman because it caused to many issues with other plugins, like Holograms and Citizens. Better is to just restart the server, IMO.
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  4. I do agree Plugman isn't recommended for "heavy" plugins; but for "low level" plugins like a command, its amazing.

    BTW in your video on the marriage page it had hearts, does the plugin support Pl3xIcons?
  5. I'm not the creator of Marriage Reloaded. I'm just a patron. I made the GUI to make it easier for my players to use. :)
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  6. Oh..

    Either way, thanks for shining light on the plugin.
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