Massive amounts of tile entities and auto-loading chunks

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  1. My friend has a server that has 2 worlds running, a world from version 1.8 and a new world for 1.9. The 1.9 world is running flawlessly. The 1.8 world seems to keep loading chunks automatically, which keeps loading massive amounts of tile entities (i.e. chest data, inventories, sign data), or players run through a part of the world which loads the chunk, which loads tile entities and they're being stored and not being unloaded.

    The server is having large lag spikes and performance issues running at about 16 tps, and will usually get about 80k tile entities in the 1.8 world. We're using ClearLagg, and when we run "/lagg unloadchunks", the tps will rise back to about 19 or 20, but the tile entities will reset and then gradually rise over a period of time and will get back to 80k tiles.

    This is very resource consuming and we would like to fix this as there is only one person allowed to run that command and he can't be on all the time.

    We also thought that the tile entities were being stored in RAM or something and not being removed.

    Timings reports:
    Write after we unloadedchunks and ran garbage collector

    When lag spikes started occuring

    Thanks for any help.
  2. We have also tried /remove all, and stoplag and other things, but it seems to have no effect.
    Also, this issue used to not happen until we updated to Spigot 1.9.
  3. Is DynMap loading your chunks back in?
  4. We unloaded dynmap and we had less tile entities but still around 30k...
  5. Same problem here running latest build of Spigot. My chunks are not unloading, causing lag to build up. Not using Dynmap either.