Massive Chunk lag

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  1. So I've recently created my own spigot server which runs on my computer and on the first days everything was fine and smooth, me and my friends were really enjoying it, a week later I started to experience chunk lag, mostly when near IceBergs, it got so ridiculous to the point where I reinstalled the server which led me to no conclusion and the same infernal lag kept happening, so after that I lost all of my progress by my fault and decided to try on a 1.15.2 server, because I was in 1.14.4, did everything right, no lag no nothing I walk a good amount of blocks to see the seed and it was sorrounded by icebergs, the moment I stepped in there there was the massive lag again, this always happens to me no matter the version or seed, If I get close to icebergs I'll have to deal with an insane amount of chunk lag.... which lags the server so much chunks stop loading no matter my position..
  2. Is your Server on SSD? How much ram did you give to the server? How much ram is on your computer?
    What model is your CPU?
  3. I have 8G, gave my server 1G, and my CPU is I5 7th generation
  4. 8GB of RAM is a bit low if your are playing on the same machine that is your server too. Can you check the memory usage "Task Manager".
    If you are running out of memory your machine will start to swap.

    Are you on HDD or SSD?

    Do you know what is the Model of your i5?

    Can you share you startup scipt?

    How many players on the server?

    If you are on DSL players can be impacted by you ISP performances. But you should be OK on the local network.