Massive Core lag?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by BunnyTadPole, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Hi there.

    So long story short, I had a look at my timings, and one thing stood out to me, that something was up with
    MassiveCore. Now I am new to reading timings, so I had hoped someone could help me understand what exactly is going on with MassiveCore, and how to prevent it?


    Or click here..?

    Thanks :)
  2. Cayorion


    MassiveCore / Factions lead developer here. In that image you are looking at the "Pct Tick" column and not the "Pct Total" one. As you can see the total MassiveCore CPU use is close to none.

    MassiveCore saves player related database entries when they leave the server. On that specific single tick MassiveCore spikes and uses 50%. While not optimal it's not a big issue. If you use an SSD it's really negligible. If you want to optimize your server there's much better places to look :D.

    I'm 100% a Spigot fan but it's currently the case that PaperSpigot is much much more performance optimized. If you are not using PaperSpigot yet and you want better performance I'd start there if I were you. If you still want better TPS information is key. Looking at timings is a great idea. If you want you could also use our performance plugin MassiveLag (
  3. Ah, thanks. Yes, I have been looking at MassiveLag for quite a while now.