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  2. Amazing I may purchase this.

    Is the default configuration setup to revert 1.9? And will this allow mcmmo swords & axes to operate with the damage they add without issues?
  3. Looks amazing! I'm currently considering purchasing :p
  4. @Cayorion Does this plugin take the new Armour Toughness attribute which was introduced in 1.9.2 into account or does the plugin completely override all armour mechanics and implements its own?
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    Hello @McKing69!

    Yes, there is most definitely default configurations provided. MassiveCombat ships with a quickstart system. You can choose your initial configuration using the command /combat quickstart <quickstart>. Simply use /combat quickstart minecraft1718 to achieve pre 1.9 gameplay. Or use /combat quickstart massivecraft if you want even better gameplay :). You can read all about it here:

    We use mcMMO ourselves on MassiveCraft. We have developed MassiveCombat to play well together with mcMMO. We even implemented our own system to balance mcMMO during runtime into the plugin. You can read about it here:

    Thank you @MadMaxCookie!
    We have been developing our own combat features on MassiveCraft over the last four years. MassiveCombat is the result of a 1 month rage coding session where I polished everything and put it together into a proper plugin.

    The way I understand it you are referring to the armor toughness attribute that was added in Minecraft 1.9. This is an interesting subject. So long as armor toughness actually even works on Spigot servers it will work with MassiveCombat. The Spigot API does not yet expose the armor toughness attribute. Maybe for a good reason?

    We have done quite a bit of play testing. It seems to us that armor toughness does not exist. It is supposed to affect diamond armor only, possibly in combination with weapon and armor enchantments. We have not yet been able measure any effect of this armor toughness. As soon as Spigot adds support for it MassiveCombat will support it though.
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  6. Thanks for the reply. When upgrading from 1.9 to 1.9.2, I did notice a change in how strong diamond armour is which must be the armour toughness. Additionally, how does the enchantment modifier works? The documentation is a bit vague and I'm not sure if it modifies the strength of sharpness and the protection enchantment. Also, how do the Protection values of the armour work? Does each armour point protect 4% like vanilla Minecraft? I'm also curious on if it would be possible to give item durabilities higher than vanilla.
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    The "modifierEnchantment" scales how much armor enchantments protect. The power of weapon enchantments is currently not covered by MassiveCombat. If you set modifierEnchantment to 0.75, which is what we do on MassiveCraft, then each armor point will protect 3% instead of 4%. Yes, you can give an item higher durability than vanilla with MassiveCombat. We use it to increase the durability of armor on MassiveCraft, but you can lower the durability as well.
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  8. Looks great! I do plan on purchasing this, but however would it affect people playing on 1.8 in my 1.9 server since I have that setup?
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    Hello @johnb165!
    What setup is it that you have exactly? MassiveCombat only works together with Minecraft 1.9.x servers. If you are using ProtocolSupport ( people will be able to connect to your server with a 1.8 client and that will work fine. We are using ProtocolSupport ourselves on MassiveCraft.
  10. I am using ProtocolSupport.
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  11. Okay thanks.

    How would increasing an item's durability over the vanilla maximum effect the visual impact of the durability displayed below the item when you hover over it?
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    I'm using a pretty advanced technique to modify the durability of armor. It is not visible in the item tool tip. The percentage of durability will look like the percentage it should be. The maximum durability is only visible if you have a modded client, and if you do it will display the regular unmodified durability, even when you set a new durability. Getting modded clients to display the new custom durability is not possible from a tech perspective. I hope that helps :).
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  13. Hey,

    Our server has just purchased this plugin. How would you go about disabling tipped arrows, splash potion and lingering potion of invisibility?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello @KickWood!
    The feature for this is called "Potion Filter" and you can read all about it here:

    What you are looking for. Disabling tipped arrows and all potions of invisibility type is actually the default configuration. You do not need to do anything. Try it out! Go into creative, spawn an invisibility potion of any kind, try to use it. You will get a message saying that invisibility potions are disabled.
  15. Hello, running off of the 1.8/1.7 quickstart was great, one issue. critical hits seem to be acting with 1.9 damage.

    I couldn't find the configuration portion to help lower crits to 1.7/1.8 style, could you lead me in the right direction?

    Also, it seems the crist are from the "original" attack (seeing this through the analyzer) so it's the base, not the McMMO being applied as I did see the mcmmoAxesCritical.
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    Hi there @McKing69!
    MassiveCombat does not currently offer the possibility to configure the bonus damage from a critical hit. At the moment the damage increase from a critical hit is going to be +50% like it is on Minecraft 1.9.

    I'm currently looking into this and I hope I can add this feature to MassiveCombat in the next version. Sadly the Spigot API does currently not offer an easy way to figure out whether an attack is critical or not. With this in mind I'll have to do some advanced NMS stuff. I'm going to give it a try :).
  17. Does MassiveCombat use 1.9 critical hits or 1.8 critical hits? The mechanics of critical hits were changed in 1.9 where you can't be sprinting to land a critical hit whereas before 1.9, you can jump crit and sprint as much as you want while do you so.
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    Good point! As we speak I'm adding support for choosing if sprinting is allowed like in 1.8 or not (like in 1.9).
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    I have now coded the following for critical attacks and attack weapon enchantments:
    Feel free to give me some feedback :).

    criticalSprintingAllowedWorlds true means Minecraft 1.8 critical attacks where sprinting is allowed. criticalSprintingAllowedWorlds false means Minecraft 1.9 style criticals.

    So far this only handles close combat attacks and not ranged bow/arrow attacks. What would you like to see for ranged attacks?