Spigot Matrix AntiCheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | 1.8/1.12/1.13/1.14/1.15 3.0.4

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  1. What's the matrix part for then? So why 'matrix kick' and not just 'kick'? But thanks i can test it now, but would be nice to know what it actually does.

    Also with a little false positives, you would need to have at least 2 kicks before a ban.
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  2. China_Quern updated Matrix AntiCheat | Hack & KillAura Blocker | Machine Learning | (1.8/1.12/1.13/1.14) with a new update entry:


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  3. China_Quern updated Matrix AntiCheat | Hack & KillAura Blocker | Machine Learning | (1.8/1.12/1.13/1.14) with a new update entry:


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  4. How much is Premium User for?
  5. @China_Quern Add some basic support in this chat here as well and i'm happy to donate for premium!
  6. Hey together,
    Great work with the Matrix, Neo ;)
    I have one suggestion: Can you put more language options in the yml?
    We work on an german project and i want to translate everything completly.
    Ofc, we would compensate for that!
  7. Currently you can customize the text that the player can see, and the text that the player can't see is not necessary to add custom.
  8. That's sad. But thank you for response.
  9. Hi, I just got this error in the console, not sure what it was from https://pastebin.com/UPDKxMQ4 great anti cheat by the way, been using it for a while now, keep up the awesome work.
  10. Are you using the latest configuration?
    anyway, the error wont influence anything:)
  11. Im pretty sure im using the latest config, i usually delete it and the checks.yml whenever theres an update that says to update them, but ill delete it and regenerate it just in case, thanks
  12. Is a visibility check and an anti Xray planned?<
    Jesus and water jump goes.
    Boat fly and timer on 1.10 and Antislowdown.
    Jump and Fly works too.
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  13. Please don't add anti xray fuzz, it's bloated and no use.

    Edit: My question, when do the violation count get cleared? I want to tempban people after getting kicked 2 times.
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  14. Do you ever plan to make matrix without protocollib as a dependency, I've been having crashing issues with protocollib recently (not sure if its matrix or not causing it) such as javaoutofmemory crashes when I have 8 whole gigabytes of ram free, and sun.misc.unsafepark crashes. Thanks
  15. So what exactly does the premium add that we don't get now ?
  16. You can join our Discord server to learn more information ^^
  17. You can just as easily tell me here . Your the one wanting my money .
  18. Just joined the discord, so i can post it to you here:

    What is Premium User?

    # This is an authentication system that provides better service to paying users.

    What services are offered?
    # 1. Optimized configuration (permanent update download, even if you just buy one month)
    # 2. Unlock Hidden checks in Matrix (*)
    # 3. Faster/Better support

    Optimized configuration features:
    # Latency & TPS condition check
    # Delay Kick # Better check values (make check detect faster, less false positive)
    # Better/Stronger support (*)

    How to buy it?

    PM @RERERE#0813 (only accept PayPal)

    Price: 5$/month

    Note: Once you purchase premium users, you will get better support and optimized profiles forever. But Hidden checks must ensure that 5$ per month is required to work.

    Edit: But I must admit i wish more transparency as well before i will buy it. Since the feedback in general wasn't that good lately and the plugin is not transparent enough in what checks there even are, how the premium connection will work, what the cloud is for, how long and how those updated configs work at all and what is part of it.
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