Max players with my setup ?

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  1. Hello ! I have made a spigot server 1.8-1.11 , with SkyBlock , Survival, SurvivalGames , EggWars and SkyWars , I intend to run it with my friends. I'm running the server on my computer (I know it's not good but for beginning its ok for me, I have no problem letting my pc on 24/7.). My setup is like this :

    CPU : I5 3570k 4.4GHz
    GPU : GTX 960 4gb
    RAM : 16GB (4 allocated to the server)
    Internet speed : 25 download and 5-8 upload, normally sitting at 5 or 6.

    How many players do you think I could have online playing on it without lag spikes appearing ? Btw : I'm running 58 plugins and it's spigot, no bungeecord.
  2. You have a high chance of being DDoSed/Dosed if you got no protection but I would say 35-65ish players?
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  3. You have a high chance of being DDoSed/Dosed if you got no protection but I would say 35-65ish players?
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  4. Thanks ! This is just for the beginning, if I can bring my friends and have fun with them it's perfect, maybe over time new players come and I will upgrade to a hosting service :)
  5. You will have lag spikes immediately. Residential Internet connections and normal computers are not made to host servers. In addition, you'll be using your PC as well by the looks of it. The performance of the server will largely depend on how you are using your computer. Players will also be forced to connect to your residential connection, of course, which may be unstable at times and is also limited to how you are using your computer.

    That said, it should perhaps do for a short time and/or for a small number of players. With hosting being so cheap these days, it may still be a better option to go with a cheap host.
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  6. I'm not using my pc for that much, only for Minecraft. I had 7 players on it today (from another country , me hosting in germany and they playing from romania) and it worked well for them, 50-80 ping. But I was wondering if I could achieve 15, max 20.
  7. Sure, you should be able to. I can't promise there won't be lag spikes here and there, but it should do.
  8. WAS


    To note, I ran a 4GB server on a first gen netbook for well over a year with 32 player max with no lag except worldedit and staff (granted) on 1.6.4. I had 150up/down. DDoS Protection usually comes with residential internet in most cases, they won't let someone bring down a whole blocks internet for one user.

    Even playing on my netbook in Seattle from Tampa Bay Florida on vacation was decently smooth.
  9. Thank you for the help :) Much appreciated ^^

    Thanks for the help ! My provider says (I hope it's true) that we have a DDoS protected package, my router is also equipped with it , so maybe it shouldn't be a big problem . Guess I'll just have to testi it.

    Thanks everyone for your help :)
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