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  1. Can someone help me? When i do /warn (name) (reason), the name is always lowercase. Is there anyway to make the name match the IGN exactly, caps and all? This problem is happening with all maxbans commands not just /warn.
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  2. If I was you I would report this to the BanManager page if you feel like Its a bug.
  3. Nobody can help you, the only way to resolve this problem is by recoding the part that broadcast the names.
  4. Well, it works on other servers running spigot 1.8.1, but it doesn't on mine.
  5. Are you running a different version?

    Make sure you are running the latest version too.
  6. I am running the latest version yes
  7. JamesJ


    AFAIK, MaxBans has always changed the name to lower case. I'll check the sourcecode and reply back :)

    Edit: my assumptions were correct:
  8. Hmm if its fully open code you may wish to try moving some stuff..
  9. This also says that the "banner" should be lowercase as well, but its not. The "banner" name matches the IGN exactly but the "name" doesn't. :/
  10. Is there anyway to change it to match the IGN?
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  12. Well i see other servers with the exact plugin and they have changed it to match the IGN exactly.
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    They are most likely using a custom version then. Or they're using the paid equivalent, LiteBans found in the premium resources.
  14. No you cannot
  15. You should not mess around with plugins. Only do it if you know what you are doing