MaxBans only allows 10 minute max ban?

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  1. I think the title says it all... for some reason the other mods and myself can't tempban anyone for longer than 10 minutes (however I can perm ban for infinite amounts of time but thats not very nice). Here is my config... (I've checked with a YAML-parser and everything seems OK)

    version: 2.0

    lockdown: false
    lockdown-reason: ""

    auto-dupeip: false

    history-expirey-minutes: 10080 #1 week.

    #Warnings config section
        #How long should warnings take to 'expire'?
       #Set to 0 for never (...Honestly, I believe you should forgive them after a month at most...)
       expirey-in-minutes: 4320
        # This section looks scary, but really isn't... If you're scared,
       # Just read the actual stuff and skip the comments unless you want to do some tricky things.
        #What actions should we take when a player receives a warning?
       #Format is like:
       #<number of warnings>: 'commands to execute;seperated by semicolons'
       #   1: 'msg {name} You have been warned!'
       #   2: 'strike {name};msg {name} You have angered Zeus!'
       #   3: 'tempban {name} 1 hour Reached Max Warnings. Reasons:\n{reasons}\nBy: {banner}'
       #Variables allowed:
       #{name} the name of the player
       #{ip} the last known IP of the player
       #{reason} the last reason the player was warned
       #{reasons} all the reasons (seperated by new lines) for this punishment. Example:
       #Reason1: "Griefing"
       #Reason2: "Spamming"
       #Reason3: "Begging for items"
       #Now, if I did
       #3: 'tempban {name} 1 hour Reached Max Warnings:\n{reasons}'
       #it would disconnect the user with this message:
       #You have been Temporarily Banned for:
       #'Reached Max Warnings:
       #Begging for items'
       #By Console. Expires in 1 hour
       #If the command starts with a /, then the banner will execute the command
       #Otherwise, the command will be executed by CONSOLE.
       #You might want to use -s in these commands (To stop them broadcasting messages to players)
            2: '/kick {name} Final Warning: \n{reason}'
            3: '/tempban {name} 1 hour Reached Max Warnings:\n{reasons}'
        #After receiving this many warnings, they will be all deleted.
       #If 'actions' has an action for a number higher than this, then the action will never be
       #done... Because this resets it to 0
       #If you set this to <= 0, then it will be ignored, and warnings will never reset.
       max: 3

    #Should we check that we're running the latest version of MaxBans?
    #This does NOT update it for you, it just notifies you in the console when
    #the server boots up if there is a new version available.
    #Not working in v1.9 & v2.0.
    update-check: true

    #Accepts colorcodes. (v1.2)
    default-reason: "Misconduct"
    #Appeal-message accepts color codes, like &a and &4... Set it to "" to disable this. Accepts new line characters, just add \n where you want a new line.
    appeal-message: "No appeal website set :("

    #The two char colors used that STAFF will see.
    #Usually, primary = text, and secondary = variables (Like ban reason)
    #0-9,a-f are valid. Also any Bukkit ChatColor is valid (Eg RED, AQUA, DARK_GRAY)
        primary: f
        secondary: a

    #Maximum tempban time, in seconds. 604800 is a week.
    MaxTempbanTime: 864000

    #This applies to kick, ban, and anything else.
        #0-9,a-f are valid. Also any Bukkit ChatColor is valid (Eg RED, AQUA, DARK_GRAY)
       reason: f #"Misconduct"
       regular: f #"By"
       banner: f #"Netherfoam"
       time: f #4 hours 59 minutes remaining.

    #Some plugins will register their commands before we do (Eg other ban/kick plugins).
    #This option allows users to try and force MaxBans to take those already-taken commands.  
    override-commands: true

        - me
        - say

    #Should we notify players with maxbans.notify whenever a banned player tries (fails) to join?
    notify: true
    #Should we verify names have the letters (A-Z,a-z,0-9 and _) only and are valid?
    filter-names: true

    #Should we use the DNS blacklist?
        #Should we use this? Setting it to false disables DNSBL entirely.
       use: true
        #The DNSBL servers we should use to look up.  More servers = Slower results.
       #Each server takes approx 4 seconds to respond.  Use to find
       #More servers, if you like.
       #DNSBL results are cached for 1 week, then expire (Are deleted).
       #This is how MaxBans checks for proxied IPs
       # 1.  Have we looked the IP up on DNSBL before, and has it not expired? If so go to 3
       # 2.  Start IP lookup, this takes a few seconds...
       # 3.  If the IP is not a proxy, stop checking, they're allowed, do not proceed to step 4.
       # 4.  Take appropriate action (Kick, notify) if any.
        #Should we notify players with maxbans.notify when a player is joining with a proxy IP?
       notify: true
        #Should we kick players who are discovered to have proxy IPs?
       kick: false

    bungee: false
    # Sync is an advanced feature of MaxBans.
    # It only applies to server owners who want to BAN/etc Players using a WEBPAGE, such as PHP Script
    # Or owners who want two servers to have the SAME banlist!
    # This option is in BETA! I take no responsibility if it breaks, though I will endeaver to fix it.
        #Should we use Sync? Setting this to false disables it entirely :)
       use: false
        #Is this server the Sync server? Otherwise it's a client.
       server: false
        #The host of the Sync server, if this is a client.
        #The port of the Sync server.
       port: 2711
        #The password required to join.
       pass: ChangeMeNow
        debug: false

        mysql: false
        user: root
        pass: passwd
        host: localhost
        port: 3306
        name: maxbans
        read-only: false
    Also here is my startup log:
    Code (Text):
    [23:08:37] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Enabling MaxBans v2.0
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Using SQLite
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Loading from DB...
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Loading bans
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Loading ipbans
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Loading mutes
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Loading player names...
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Loading IP History
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Loading warn history...
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Loading chat commands...
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Loading history...
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Starting DNS blacklist
    [23:08:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [MaxBans] Loading proxys...
  2. latiku


    That's because in the config you settled it to 600 seconds.
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  3. That was a joke, right? :p
  4. I have this problem too D:
  5. This is because MaxBans is BAD.
    Use LiteBans, yeah, it's Premium but it's amazing by @Ruan (Click Me!)
    A free alternative is AdvancedBan which is still as good by @Leoko! (Click Me!)
    Both Support UUID which MaxBans doesn't (Players who change name stay banned)
    Hope this helps!
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  6. I love advancedBans!
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  7. this is not true, Maxbans also has UUID support
  8. Never knew that, sorry.
  9. perhaps the plugin needs a mysql database to ban anylonger than 10 mins or perm ban. See if you can tempmute for more than 10 mins. If you can its a client side problem (in config). If not I would reccomend configuring a mysql database and if it still doesnt work I would send the author a pm.
    (P.S If Any Of Those Dont Work I Reccomend Litebans It Is Premium But Worth It!)
  10. It's not that. It's the plugin itself.
  11. Ye I Agree Then Thats When I Put A Rage Comment And Choose A New Plugin xD
  12. Can anyone help me too? I can't ban for longer and I need to :(
  13. Dont bump very old threads
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