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    I really think that their should be a maximum review length to stop this such of review. I came across this in 'latest reviews':
    Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 14.51.46.png
    It goes on for 3 times that length.

    I think that It could also be handy if reviews were scanned when posted and maybe look for stacktrace give aways, as its exceptionally annoying to get an stacktrace in the review section.

    Just an idea,
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  2. No, this has been suggested before and this would mean someone that would write a big, meaningful review wouldn't be able to post it.

    A scanner would be a great idea, Though I doubt this is supported by Xenforo.
  3. Niall7459


    That’s reasonable, I think a scanner could probably be implemented through a Zenforo plugin (if there is one)
  4. fix the error and reply to him to show you have. potential users will read ur comment. the review won't be removed because reviews dont matter. live with it
  5. Niall7459


    This isn’t my resource, but if it was then I would do exactly that.

    Reviews are useful feedback tools when used appropriately.
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  6. and shitty ones like those don't matter at all. fix, comment, and leave it.