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  1. As of right now, I'm not distributing MazeRunner anymore. I may update it in the future. But I am too busy and the plugin in it's current state isn't very good.

    Hello, I've recently made a MazeRunner plugin for someone, sadly they backed away from the plugin right at the end.

    Now I'm left with this plugin and I really don't want to just delete it and make it go to waste. This is why I'm giving away this plugin to whoever wants it. I will explain the plugin to you and we could even test it if you have a server, but I will give no support for the plugin.

    I do not want to post this plugin in the resources section because it was a custom plugin designed for the person who ordered it and I do not want to support it.

    The main goal of this plugin is to have 2 teams in 2 enclosed areas with "walls". You have to set 4 walls for the 2 teams (blue and red). Whenever a player clicks a sign to join the game they get sent to a waiting lobby where they can select a kit (if they have permissions) and select a team. When there are enough players and the timer is over, players will get sent to their teams' spawn and they will be able to build there and get items from a chest that refills daily. When it's morning the walls fall and players can enter a maze and kill each other. At the evening the walls close and zombies start to spawn outside (must be done with spawners). The zombies are 2 hit-kill. The goal is to survive the maze and kill everyone else. The game resets when one team loses.

    This plugin was made for "MineCure" aka "xXBorisXx" and I believe he got the idea from another server.

    If you want, I can continue developing this plugin and change stuff around and customize it for you. Please contact me if you want to do that, I might charge you for that though.

    Other than the case above, I will not support this plugin and I recommend that a developer or someone else uses this plugin and customizes it for their server if you want to use it.

    Some of the features:

    • Walls that fall and come back
    • Custom zombie attacks
    • Kits
    • Teams
    • Arena management commands
    • Join signs
    • Timers in the lobby
    • Custom day cycle
    • Chests that restock daily with 2 sets of items
    • Permissions for kits
    • Automagically resets the arena and all placed/broken blocks
    The plugin may be a bit messy to read (code-wise) as I developed it quite a while ago and the user kept requesting and changing stuff.

    Please contact me on skype or email if you're interested. Send me your skype or email in a PM.
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  2. Post it as a resource
  4. You'd have to though, I think it isn't allowed to post premade plugins here
  5. Oh, ok

    I'll remove the plugin from the post
  6. Hey I've been looking for a maze runner plugin, and wanted to know if I could have it? Also I doubt it but is it possible for you to make me a plugin? I got tons of ideas.
  7. I can make you a plugin if you'd want. PM me your skype and we'll chat there ;) And if you'd really want this plugin I'll give it to you, I must tell you it's not optimized though.
  8. Yea, thanks, also I don't have skype(well I do but have strict parents even tho I'm 14 :p) could we use email or something else?
  9. Sure, send me your email in a PM and I'll contact you
  10. Yupie , Could you send the link to me? , I really like your plugin ,Please
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  11. You'll have to contact me via Skype or email. Send it to me via a private message.
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  12. Oh I feeling good so much , you sent a massage back to me , Yupie i can't add you at Skype I don't know what happening , can you give me a email or facebook ? and i'll delete this post
  13. Send your email to me via a private message and I'll contact you. Or give me your Skype name and I'll add you.
  14. Thanks for your plugin , Yupie :)
  15. Are you still giving the plugin out to people who want it or?
  16. You could have gave it to a person willing to maintain it as a resource :p
  17. If a developer wants to maintain it as a free resource they can always contact me.

    The plugin is extremely inefficient and outdated right now though. (it's been nearly a year since I've even touched the code)
  18. I have this server thats currently in beta we're slowly working on it. One of my staff had asked me if we could get a plugin for the maze runner. I asked him to search for a plugin as he came across this. If you can would you kindly give me the plugin or maybe see if anything is wrong with it?
  19. The plugin is not optimized and pretty basic, I could send it to you if you want. But it's not very good. It also was built on 1.7 and requires WorldEdit 5.x
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