MC - 32 and other questions.

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  1. Hello.

    I want to host a Minecraft PE Dedicated Server that will start with MC - 32. Can this CPU can handle 150 - 250 players.

    Other one :

    How do servers combine all the players amount on a single server

    For example 200 - 300

    But when you joined the Main hub of the server it will say - 500 players

    Is that something to do with BungeeCord? I will run mcpe server so how to have the BungeeCord thing? Also how do servers save the stats, accounts because I wanted to show the top kills and scoreboards on my server besides the VIP
  2. This would all be done with custom plugins, and (as far as I know, though I can't say I've been following PE server stuff), there isn't something like bungee for PE at this point.
  3. Contact me please I could do this for you.