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A very simple unban appeal website that gives your players a place to appeal a ban.

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    MC Unban Appeal - A very simple unban appeal website that gives your players a place to appeal a ban.

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    Core Rework, Additional E-Mail Features & Version Check

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  3. Maybe add some security please?
    You don't want to give people access to stuff through input forms.
    Can you also make the html code html5 compliant please?
  4. Security is going to be a main focus for the next update, I soon realised after releasing this last update of a couple security flaws.

    Other features such as html5 compliance will also come later :)
  5. Add your doctype at the top for html5:
    Code (Text):
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    Add alt attributes to your img element:
    Code (Text):
    <img alt=".." etc>
    The br element is an empty element, it does not have a closing tag:
    Code (Text):
    (remove </br>)
    Avoid causing stray elements as well.
    When you use the label element with for, then use the element id and not name:
    Code (Text):
    <label for="username"> etc </label>then use <input etc etc id="username" etc etc>
    I also recommend to put the configuration stuff into assets/config.php and require it in the index.php file, this way if the server has an error and php isn't parsed for some reason the sensitive data like captcha keys or the email isn't leaked to the output. This way it's also more logical to have a central point for variables like mc server name, or other customisable and the installation instructions slim down to: edit the config.php

    I am glad to hear that php input filtering is going to be in a future update.
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    Accept & Deny Buttons!

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  7. Hey please How to install recaptcha and website
  8. You must obtain a site & private key from Google.
    Do this by going here and adding your website: https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/
    Add the site & private key to your config.php

    Let me know if you're still having issues :)
  9. hey man im using it but edited the submit myself to add SMTP support.
    as the system as you made it uses the mail function which is blocked on most hosts to prevent leaks and illegal activities.
    so my advice would be to replace mail with PHP mailer for example like i did
  10. Completely agree, going to add support for it eventually.
    #13 16YELDARB, Apr 19, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
  11. if u want my code that i have written for that cause ask me i can pm the code and link to phpmailer
  12. Sure, it'll be nice to see in what way you did it. Sent you a message.
  13. Good plugin. Can you help me please for installation of your plugin? Thanks.
  14. Hi, have you tried these steps:
    1. Place the plugin in your plugins folder
    2. Change the URL in the config to your ban appeal website
    3. Change the URLKey to your $replykey that was set in the config.php of your ban appeal website
    4. And that should be it! You can change the rest of the plugin config to suit your needs
    If you're still having issues then please let me know.
  15. Yes, I have porcodio
  16. Could you privately message me with your config for both your website (config.php) and plugin (config.yml)? It'll help find the issue.

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