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  1. I want to open a server, and I don't know which would be the best option, the server will be survival type, and it won't have about 10-30 people, I think it would be more profitable to start using a MC Host.
    If I were more profitable, is PebbleHost a good idea with its premium minecraft hosting?
  2. I would go with a VPS to start many if most almost most minecraft hosting providers are overselling/oversold and often a VPS can work out about the same price if not cheaper
  3. [QUOTE = "Lcswolf, post: 3683469, member: 57665"] Iría con un VPS para comenzar muchos, si la mayoría de los proveedores de hosting de Minecraft están vendiendo en exceso / sobrevendidos y, a menudo, un VPS puede obtener el mismo precio si no es más barato [ /CITAR]
    ¿Incluso si es solo un servidor y no una red?
  4. If it's just a single server, I'd recommend just using a Minecraft host. If you get a network, you may want a VPS as it can be easier to manage then.
  5. [QUOTE = "CodeCo, post: 3683493, member: 20894"] Si es solo un servidor, recomendaría usar un host de Minecraft. Si obtiene una red, es posible que desee un VPS, ya que puede ser más fácil de administrar entonces. [/ QUOTE]
    Pebblehost es un buen anfitrión o ¿cuál recomendarías?
  6. Get a VPS. Minecraft Host are too much overpriced. Look at OVH VPS, theyre pretty cheap for their good performance.
  7. I read a lot of OVH comments saying it's not going well for MC
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  8. Well people dont know how it works cause it works super fine, more than MC Hosting in my opinion. Ive had a minecraft server on a OVH VPS for more than a year without any issue.
  9. Many Minecraft hosts are only $1-2/GB.
  10. 1.15.2 can’t handle 30 players with 2Gb
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    MCHost, almost always better performance (especially for the price)
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  12. Ok, and would PebbleHost with its premium hosts be a good host?
  13. It would have 6-8 GB of RAM DDR4 2400MHz Memory and Intel i7-7700K @ 4.5Ghz, and the server would be survival type in the latest version (with plugins). With that how many people could there be without lag?
  14. VPS, you get much more fun with it and power, no worries about your minecraft server limitations, just find one that is not overpriced, there are some 1-2$ per GB providers. I have always bought VPSes, used minecraft hosting only when I was gifted it for free, I don't find it worth the money.
  15. Why would you spend your valuable time administering a Unix server when you could instead be using that time to improve the experience of your players on your MC server?
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  16. I honestly do not know what you mean, look I will clarify my situation a little better, I want to open a minecraft server only for survival, if I did it with vps it would be equally survival only but being 1.14 or 1.15 I do not know if a vps would have better performance or a host If I were VPS I would get $ 30 If I were a host I would get $ 1, which I get more profitable, because I have seen that the performance in these versions is very low, and I do not know if with the vps I would give less lag or give the same .

    vps (8 gb):

    host (premium 8 gb):
  17. +1 for ExtraVM
  18. VPS or MC Host of ExtraVM? And read this and what would be worth more in my case? I could change the host to ExtraVM if it is better than pebblehost.
  19. We've already established MC hosting will be better since you're running a single server - plus it'll save you money.

    ExtraVM has better hardware than pebblehost, and MikeA is very competent.
  20. Ok, and DDOS protection of ExtraVM is good?