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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by OverOut, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. I want to open a survial 1.15.2 server and I am looking for an MC Host.
    Which host would you recommend?

    -Vps OR MC Host: Host

    -Type: Survival 1.15.2

    -Plugins: 30-40

    -Players: 20-30

    -Site: France or Europe (preferably France)

    -Budget: About 15 euros

    -RAM: 6-8 GB

    -DDOS Protection: Decent Protection

    Host I've seen:

    RAM: 6 GB
    Hosted in: Germany

    RAM: 5GB
    Hosted in:
    Germany, Finland, France (cannot be chosen)

    RAM: 6GB
    Hosted in: Europe (Not specified)

    At the moment the one that seems best to me is DedicatedMC.
  2. Pebblehost is pretty good
  3. HumbleServers
    $2USD/GB for EU location i9-9900k
    Best value for money I have seen.

    Don’t choose the NA location though as it has i7-6700k instead
  4. Sparked Host LLC, 1.15.2 on their enterprise plans run flawlessly (2$/gb)