MC Server Easter Events

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  1. What are you guys doing on your server for Easter? Anything fun or special?

    We are currently running an easter egg hunt that awards players coins and tags. They can warp to /lobby easter and search the map for easter eggs while doing some fun parkour. They seem to enjoy it and its a great way for everyone to come together and help each other out.
  2. That sounds like fun. We didn't really do anything for easter this year, other than having a sale.
    May I ask, how did you set up the easter eggs? Was it a plugin you found, or are you speaking of "easter eggs," small fun jokes/features that aren't usually on your server?
  3. You can use BlockHunt by @RobiFoxx to do the eggs.
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  4. Ah, thanks! I don't plan on doing it myself, it's too late to plan an event like that at this point. I might write it down for next year, though.
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  5. It was a last minute thing for us too, took about an hour to set everything up.
  6. I'm sure it wouldn't take long, but from my experiences, informing players at least a few days before the event leads to a larger turnout. :)
  7. Hire someone to disguise as a bunny, and run around with a carrot and beat the shit out of everyone.

    Death Sentence: You just got killed by the Easter Bunny! Merry Christmas!
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  8. Give free spawn eggs (eggs, get it?) to everyone. What could go wrong?

    Or maybe I should spawn a bunch of killer bunnies in the map.
  9. We had eggs textured as plastic easter eggs (rainbow) and let rabbits spawn randomly around the map, the rabbits randomly drop eggs (like chickens do). If you kill a rabbit you get some food textured as a piece of chocolate rabbit and if you pick up one of those dropped eggs and throw it there is a 1/8th chance of it hatching and another rabbit spawning along with a random special item.
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  10. We also "hid" some eggs to find with various loot and some deadlier surprises like creepy bunnies :)
    They randomly spawn in our worlds.
  11. That creeper rabbit is scary as hell! Good job!
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