Standalone MC Server Soft // Server Wrapper for Windows 11.13.0

The oldest maintained Minecraft Server Wrapper for Windows.

  1. Awesome! Glad to see you're listening to the community! Thumbs up from me. Love the GUI, looks amazing, that's the only reason I downloaded it :3

    Keep up the good work man!

    King regards,
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  2. I have a linux server, can you add support so I can remote control the server?
  4. What did you use to create the program?
  5. Hi Fireblade115, i have idea, please add future plan.
    You Podes add servers multiples as bungeecord and spigot multiples?
    Its program is good. Nice bro :D. I am bad in English.
  6. There allready is a post that contains that
  7. This is amazing, maybe i can use this in the future.. Keep up the good work! :D
  8. Where are the files stored? Also, looking at the picture it seems I can only have a maximum amount of plugins.

    How would this affect my performance?
  9. Hi, this program adds no limitations of any kind. You are probably referring to the "amount of plugins active" versus "amount of installed" ratio. The .exe is currently located inside of the server instance. In future releases this (and some other files) will be moved so it can support multiple instances. The files aren't very nested, you can easily remove mcss when you want to.

    Not sure how this would affect performance in any way. You still have access to modify the java command and such. Like I said this is just a GUI that provides an easier interface to manager your server.
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  10. I took a break from the project, I'm back and will start releasing updates soon.

    > The people who are interested in the 'remote access' thingy. Implementation of this feature will be delayed.
    Probably will arrive around version
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  11. Time estimate?
  12. Also make the remote access a plugin into the real server and on your own computer you access it, so it is SUPER light weight.
  13. I don't have one. This is a personal project, I don't live by deadlines.

    Still not decided how I'm going to implement this, time will tell.
  14. I recommend using github for this project, could help you a lot and make it big. I would definatly help you out!
  15. Thanks that's kind of you, but I prefer to work with atlassian. ;)
  16. Kk
  17. I currently host a server on a spare PC at home for my son and a few friends..
    We play on FTB Infinity, will your program allow me to manage the server easier ?
    Such as automate backups . Server shut down and restarts (at specific times ) ??

  18. This can do whatever you want it to do, its a lightweight version of a webhost. You would have to setup cauldron and get this plugin Cheers! :)
  19. You will have to portforword the 2565 port or use hamachi though (assuming your a homehost).
  20. Just PM me and I can help you with whatever you want me to