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    What is it?
    MCBanners is a new project that has just entered its beta phase and is geared towards Minecraft Server Owners & Plugin Developers, but we hope to reach out to more of the community soon!

    Developers, have you ever been browsing around on the forums and run across users with cool forum signatures that show off their resources? This is a great strategy done by users in order to gain more attention to their projects, simply by just staying active on the forums.

    This is what MCBanners is here to help you with. When you utilize MCBanners, you get access to a creative studio that allows you to get all the information about your resources on SpigotMC, and then turn them into creatively designed banners! These can be put anywhere you want: forum signatures, websites, etc... if it can fit an image, then MCBanners is what you need!

    Server Owners, this goes for you too! Have you seen people on the forums or just, in general, have a nice simplistic banner for their server? We got you covered too! You will also gain access to a creative studio where you can modify essentially everything about your banner.

    Other Information
    Please keep in mind that we are just entering our beta phase, and we are looking for helpful feedback to make this project more useful for others in the community.

    While not needed, we are encouraging users to register an account with us. The reason we are encouraging this is that banners you create while not signed in will not be editable after you finish. Being signed in allows us to generate a hash on the banner assigning it to you which allows you to go to your dashboard and edit it at any time!

    Did I mention this is 100% free?

    Known Issues
    1. Server MOTDs are not showing up correctly (we are working on fixing this ASAP)
    2. If you choose to register an account, remember your password, as we haven't implemented a reset function yet!
    Future Plans
    1. Convert the system over to process via SVG backgrounds (this will allow us to implement our next feature which is picking any color you want for a background)!
    2. Continue adding support for more platforms!
    3. Finish our website! It's a W.I.P

    Co-Founder: @ItsMeGlare
    Co-Founder: @simpleauthority


    Video Demo


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  2. Totally dope, great improvement of resource banner generator by stacosaurus. Wish you many users.
  3. Really cool website, good luck. Hope it will fully release soon.
  4. Looks really useful. May use this for my plugins.
  5. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    Will you guys support flash? /s
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  6. [​IMG]

    Looking good :D
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  7. Hi all,

    I want to firstly thank you all for your support in this project. This was a big step for Simple and I and we are excited to see people are enjoying it so far.

    Our goal is to allow as much customization to you guys as possible! In the near future, we will be improving the background handling of banners! On top of the current templates, we will be allowing you to choose the color most likely via some hex codes.

    Another thing we've had requested so far is a "random" color feature, so we plan to implement that too!

    Over the next week, we will be doing some efficientcy improvements along with mobile design improvements.

    Thank you all again for taking the time to check out this project so far!

    More to come soon!

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  8. I think adding a custom gradient for the background would be an amazing first step.
  9. I think that's a great idea! I've added it to our todo list!
  10. Server MOTD Improvements

    Hey everyone,

    Today some changes were made to the MC-API, Banner-API and the frontend website to allow you to have more control / design over Server MOTDs!

    You can now choose to enable / disable them. You can also specify the max length of them, along with many more options!

    To show you what all is new, we've provided a little demo below.

    Huge shoutout to @simpleauthority for getting this all done!


    Login / Registration Improvements

    We have also some made changes to the login and registration form.

    First off, we've changed the password requirements from 8 characters, 1 upper, 1 lower, and 1 special, to just 8 characters in general, this is for those who enjoying not struggling to remember passwords.

    Secondly, we removed the information about the password requirement from the login page (this was intentionally made just for the registration page)

    Lastly, we've started on improvements for mobile devices. In the creative studio, the preview banner should no longer go off the screen!
    Just wanted to thank everyone again for all the support and feedback so far!

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  11. Nice!
    My suggestion is just to make transparent backgrounds work for icons.

    :D Thank you!
  12. They actually do, but I think you could us mid change. Our next update splits up the ability to do PNG / JPEG rendering. Coming soon!
  13. Awesome! Can't wait!
  14. Hi all,

    Long time no talk! We're still around! Hopefully, everyone is staying safe with the current pandemic going on amidst us.

    Today we released some optimization updates which included a proper fix for the blackness showing up in the icons that what should've been transparent backgrounds! (If you don't see this fix already, make sure to hard refresh pages to clear the cache).

    If you have any questions, please let us know!

    Stay safe!

    P.S. We got an API approved ( and you can expect us to be rolling this out to all the banners in the next few weeks. This means that banners for premium plugins will be working again. We apologize for the delay on that, we just couldn't get access to them due to relying on a 3rd party source for the data.

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  15. Very nice API! Thank you for this.
  16. Glad you like it! More to come soon!
  17. Really nice! Will definitly be using it soon!
  18. Very cute indeed. 10/10 :love::sick::ROFLMAO::p:confused::D:rolleyes: