Spigot MCBans 4.3.5

Customizable Global/Local/IP/Temp Ban Plugin

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    MCBans - Customizable Global/Local/IP/Temp Ban Plugin

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  2. Idk if its fake or true McBans
  3. Wow, haven't heard of MCBans in a while now. The last of it I heard of was during TeamAvo's peak griefing videos :eek:
  4. Yup, this is real decided to migrate support off dev.bukkit and transition to an active community :p
    http://get.mcbans.com/ - 4.3.5
  5. looks great, however I note from the forums that importing 'existing' ,local server bans isn't working? I presume from this that switching to McBan's ,already banned players will be able to access the server now? Or is it simply that they won't show up when using the mc bans local commands?
  6. SpacePuppeh


    I'm glad to see this on Spigot, I didn't know you've moved over here. I used it years ago, awesome service and concept.
  7. MCBans is supporting BungeeCord servers?
  8. Hi @Flox, I am a bit late but yes MCBans does support Bungee.
    I am the relatively new owner of MCBans.com and its services.

    • Complete Bungee support
    • MCBans is under new management
    • 8185 permabans have been purged per my orders.
    • Bug fixes have been pushed and more are coming every day.
    • API response time has been improved 10-fold. It's literally the best it has ran since I have been involved.
    • Tempbans were broken for perhaps a year. This has been "patched" and fixed. :)
    We are listening to you, the player. We are ultimately looking to even the balance between players/servers as I know this is one of the biggest complaints. We do have a public Discord (details are on the website) and we very much welcome any kind of feedback (good or bad!) Additionally, if you PM me on Discord i'd be happy to explain anything you wish. I personally have been working around the clock to make sure we have a reliable service. I am proud to say we've seen a big spike in server registrations. We are planning on an updated plugin release in the coming months as well as a complete website redesign to get us out of the "outdated" look.
    I'd like to thank the dedicated people that have stuck by with us for so long -- MCBans is just getting started. :)

    If you guys/gals want to know anything else, I'd also be happy to answer on this thread.
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  9. I really hope MCBans will update for 1.12!? Able to lookup players and bans, but the ban commands don't seem to be working. ;-;
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