Spigot MCJukebox Youtube Addon 1.2.3

Rock and Rawl bb

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    MCJukebox Youtube Addon - Rock and Rawl bb

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  2. Hey :D

    With this addon, I don't need to use youtubemp3 and upload the musics to my website. It's excellent. :)
  3. Thanks :D Glad I could help :)
  4. hey. I posted that music to youtube command but it didn't works.
  5. The youtube conversion is fast but the quality is not really good :/
    Is it possible to add an other conversion system and select it in the command?
  6. Ah yes, I didn't think of youtu.be links :/
    I will fix this in the next update

    The videos are converted in the highest quality available, so if the quality is bad, it's because of the uploaded quality, not the download.
  7. It's fixed now, thanks a lot for reporting :D
  8. Hey, great to see you are liking what I'm doing with MCJukebox - thanks for helping the community out with this plugin.

    Keep it up :)
  9. Could you update this to 2.0 or are you already in the works of that?
  10. So for some reason the new version has some bugs with YoutubeInMp3 (the service I use for this to work), so it might not always work. There is nothing I can do about it as it is on their end.
  11. will this work with the regions ability of mcJukebox?
  12. Unfortunatly not at the moment as MCJukebox doesn't allow for this. However the developer of MCJukebox has shown interest in such features so maybe soon enough :)
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  13. I'm pretty sure that will break compatibility with other stuff, but I guess there is no harm in trying.