Spigot MCJukebox 2.6.8

Hosted web audio client, play music without downloads. New Sound Center alternative.

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    Jukebox - Custom music and sound effects, without the huge resource packs.

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  2. Just a quick question - Is this something like a server radio that I can play streamed music and my players can send song request and listen to it? We're using plugdj before it was taken down. And now we're looking for an alternative.
  3. Hi trisgaming,

    It's a little different. Let me explain. Basically, Jukebox creates a connection between your Minecraft server and the Jukebox servers, and then you can play any audio file which has been pre-recorded to them on demand without a resource pack. You can play it as a sound effect (plays over any music), or a song (only one can play at any time, and requesting a new one will stop the previous).

    The main scenario where I think this'll be used is in servers who want custom background music to their games and missions, and sound effects such as gun shots and special announcements for drop parties etc.

    I do have streaming to the server on my TODO list, but I don't think it'll be done anytime soon. You could always consider hiring me or another plugin developer to use my plugin to play songs, by waiting until one song has finished and then firing up another.

    Hope this helps,
    oh, and Merry Christmas
  4. Thank you for the response. As much as I wanted to hire you, we're just a small server (less than 10 players daily). I was just thinking something to add for my little server so it won't be boring. XD

    And Merry Christmas to you!
  5. Any chance of the web end been made open source? :) Would be great to be able to brand it up to the server/integrate it into the current site. (Would happily give credit of course)
  6. Several people have now asked for this, I wasn't sure at first but I think I will now begin work on it. My biggest challenge is going to be deciding if the hosted version should stay live, and if so, how to keep the open source and hosted version in sync.

    Any ideas?
  7. You could extend the hosted version to host the actual files and then have a fee to host within your server? I feel like quite a few people would still use the hosted version even if it's left as it is now, not everyone will know how to edit the open sourced version or will want to pay for someone to do it for them. I guess it completely depends what direction you want to take it in really I guess.
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    Christmas Gifts

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    A few gifts

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  10. How works the API ? In A Code ?
  11. Just download the plugin, add it as a library, and then call the JukeboxAPI.play() method. The arguments are listed in the resource page, and there's also a link to the JavaDoc's there.

    If you're not a Java developer, you can simplify it by just using the commands which I've also got on the page. Let me know if I can help at all!
  12. Oooh, this reminds me of the old custommusic client years ago. Although I now know how to make/use resource packs, I'll definitely experiment with this.

    A suggestion: Automatically generate a link which includes the player's name and server API key, so it's just one click for the end user
  13. I've actually just released an update with this, just type /jukebox.
  14. Ah, just checked the update log. Might want to update the main page too
  15. Suggestion:

    When changing music tracks in the config give the option of where music should fade in and fade out.