Spigot MCJukebox 2.6.8

Hosted web audio client, play music without downloads. New Sound Center alternative.

  1. Yeah, I found it conflict with latest mythicmob, so sad.
  2. I found a conflict with Chatterbot.... it's a bot like CleverBot, except it uses it's online API to formulate questions and responses from players. This was getting in the way of MCJukebox being able to do network stuff for some reason, and it would always say "Generating Link..."

    So basically, it's highly likely that a plugin that is dealing with network stuff is interfering with MCJukebox. It's working fine now, but I had to remove Chatterbot. And I liked that plugin. Scared away staff hunters :(
  3. I need to look into why this conflict is happening - I don't think it's our fault, but if it is, we will have a patch out ASAP.

    Same response to you!
  4. how to play music for all players in region "box" but when player leave and enter in region, music are repeated. i want to music still be played but heared only by players on region.
  5. I'm confused.... This plugin allows the playing of songs and such without the need for a resource pack on the players end? If so, you've literally saved my ass. Please let me know :D
  6. Yep, you upload an audio file to a website, and if the player is connected to the music client, they can hear the music. Be sure the link is direct, meaning that it has .mp3 at the end or something like that. If you want to do a song, you can look it up on musicpleer. Click download, it then brings you to the direct link. Copy that and enter it into the region, and you're good to go.
  7. ohhh so they need to be on the website/client it isn't in game
  8. Yeah, players will do /jukebox and they will be given a web link to click on. Everything is handled in the web client, all players need to do is keep it open.
  9. Does this work on 1.12.2? I can't seem to get it to work :I
  10. olivervscreeper updated MCJukebox with a new update entry:

    Stability fixes!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. "Woohoo! It's almost Christmas and so you know what that means - a bunch of fixes that most of you won't even notice"
  12. Writing release notes sure is fun.
  13. I feel your pain
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  14. I use it on 1.12.2 just fine. I think it's just you.
  15. Hello please add playlist (and system vote?*-*)
  16. I would like to know whether there are permission nodes? or by default all players can use all commands? because i want to use command block for standard players
  17. can i make it so, that when you join the region you can hear the song, but not in the max volume, and when you start going to the center the sound is louder, and repeat over and over again?.
  18. Hello i have this error

    Code (Text):

    [10:02:36] [EventThread/INFO]: Unable to connect to MCJukebox.
    [10:02:36] [EventThread/INFO]: This could be caused by a period of server maintenance.
    [10:02:36] [EventThread/INFO]: If the problem persists, please email [email protected]
  19. I have a problem, when I download the plugin and I put it in the plugins folder, And there is only one

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  20. Hi,

    We don't actually have configuration files with MCJukebox. You should be able to change everything from the admin panel that you signed up to :)