Spigot MCJukebox 2.6.8

Hosted web audio client, play music without downloads. New Sound Center alternative.

    I trying to simply create region with my music using your plugin but NEVER I have never heard any sound coming out of the website.. I correctly installed the plugin and the server with the ip address but no sound comes out. All the commands I type put that they have worked successfully but there is no sound coming out of the plugin .. What am I doing wrong? Ip address: minecraft23.omgserv.com:19135
  2. Hi Arrandir,

    I'd love to help! If you're still having trouble, could you please email [email protected] for me? That way, we can look into exactly what is going wrong.
  3. Thx :) but i send you email there is 2 days :)
  4. Hey,

    I had a dream where McJukeBox have a big update to add a TextToSpeech command. :D

  5. Using Spigot 1.12.2 but don´t getting a config.yml or anything form MCJukebox 2.3 at the start of the server.

    I made: /jukebox setkey MYAPIKEY
    Server-Console: Generating link.....

    I made: /jukebox
    Server-Console: Generating link...

    I made: /Jukebox play MYURL.mp3
    Server-Console: Generating link...

    nothing to hear and the only file created it a regions.data. Are there no permissions? I can´t find them.
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  6. Jukebox doesn't use a config file, everything is set up from the web client. Music will only play after you've set the client up.
  7. Here you can see a config:
  8. I use this plugin myself (it's an essential plugin on my server), and that video is a year and a half old; I've been using this plugin for well over a year now. Trust me, you do not need a config file... just listen to me.

    Set up the client on the MCJukebox website as described on the plugin page. In-game, run the /jukebox command and click on the "generating link" text that crops up, it'll open a browser window. Then, proceed to play your music. It's as simple as that.
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  9. thx, i am getting no link ingame. Is there a plugin out there without opening browser-link? I think not every user will do this.
  10. I think MCJukebox is off since a week, I can't generate a link or receive my traduction.
    No, it's impossible to import musics in Minecraft without a resourse pack.
  11. Works fine for me, just tested it right now.

    Julia, if such things were possible, I would've used it already. I know it can be done with a custom resource pack, I created one myself for the purpose, but most players will not even bother to login to your server if they're stuck having to download one; they'll think it's a virus.

    If you REALLY want your players to make use of the music client, have the jukebox play sounds when they're in the vicinity of something you want them to find. I'm planning to use this in conjunction with Quests in order to force my players to make use of it :)
  12. It's possible to use packets to know if a player has your server's resource pack or mcjukebox client open.

    I can't update with a new key too.
    Only "Trying key..." message
    And I got this error:
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  13. can´t the plugin simply let the ogg-files put in the jukebox-folder on the server and the stream to the players? That would be a lot of bandwith o.k. But can´t you tell the player to download an extra-ressource-file(where the oggs are in)? So they can keep their preferd resourcepack. I think, thats the haviest problem. They wan´t keep their resourcepack. But i don´t think they are opening their browser all the time.
  14. It's clear you don't understand how the plugin functions...

    In-game, when you get it to play, you must reference the URL directly (www.music.com/mysong.mp3). The plugin folder literally does NOTHING. To the best of my knowledge, the only thing that single data file records is the region name and the URL of the song you've selected.

    You have no choice, your players MUST open their browser every single time they wish to listen to your music. Unless you know how to create a custom resource pack, you have no other choice, and no other plugin out there can bypass this for you. That's just the way Minecraft was written.
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  15. You can create a ressource pack with only audio files in. It will be on top of player's resource pack list. If something is missing in the first resource pack, it loads it in the second ressource pack and after default minecraft resource pack.
    But audio files are heavy and there is a size limitation of 50Mo, and a lot of players need 5-10 minutes to download a 30-50Mo resource pack.
    You can create a plugin or use Skript and packets to "read" the "Audio client open" message from MCJukebox to know if a player is connected to the audio client, and force your players to open it before playing.
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  16. yeah, it can be on ground of the packs, too. If something is missing it will be loadet. What is Mo? Megabyte? But you have to bring the users to add the resourcepack in the list if downlaodet. The most ones will only leave their preferred resourcepack - even if the second is a soundpack only. This plugin/script would be a useful addon for mcjukebox. But you have the problem (with browser needet) to brin in another error-possibility.
  17. @Tai_1er We're definitely still up and running! Please get in touch if you're having trouble so that we can help :)
  18. When I speak about ressource pack, I speak about server resource pack. Ask your players to download a specific resource pack and select it
    I got an error, I think it's a problem with an other plugin. I need to do some test.
  19. i am still seeing no link
  20. Answer these questions with a yes or a no.

    1. Did you create an account on https://www.mcjukebox.net/admin , filling out all requested information (including server IP address) and make a copy of the API key?
    2. Did you download the .jar from this spigot page and place it into your plugins folder?
    3. Did you restart your server after step 2?
    4. Are you an OP?
    5. Did you use /jukebox setkey [API key from step 1]
    6. After completing steps 1-5 and running /jukebox, do you see what's in the attached image?
    7. Did you click on the WHITE text?
    8. Did you open the browser window with the link that was given?
    9. Is your sound in said browser window turned on (sliders moved to the right)
    10. Did you attempt to play a music file (as an OP) using the following command? /jukebox music [your username] http://www.yourfileaddress.com/music.mp3 remembering that you cannot link files from Youtube or other streaming sites?

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