Spigot MCJukebox 2.6.8

Hosted web audio client, play music without downloads. New Sound Center alternative.

  1. Thx. I couldn´t click on the white text before. Now its working. Are there any permissions? Can you click on the text by command-block or anything, whats automate this for the users, everytime they join the server? Oh if you open the client twice, the sound runs with lag 2 times.

    Could you set a lot of links, so it is running automatically a list of songs one after each other?

    If i do /jukebox stop
    /jukebox stop PLAYERNAME
    i have to press on the link again, and a second jukebox client opens - having two time the song playing.

    I set a existing worldedit-region with:
    /jukebox region add REGIONNAME SONGURL
    but after clicking on the client-link, the song play all the time, even ich i walk or tp away from the region.
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  2. There are no permissions for this plugin; the only command that players have access to is /jukebox.

    You're essentially asking for a playlist function, which does not exist. If you want multiple songs to play one after the other, you have to change the song manually with the play function.

    "/jukebox stop" on its own does nothing. "/jukebox stop playername" shuts off the jukebox entirely for that particular player; if they want music again, they have to generate a new link. If you want to just stop the music, without shutting off the jukebox client, use "/jukebox stop music playername"

    As for the worldguard region, you probably didn't set the region correctly. //pos1, //pos2, /rg define (name of region), /rg priority (enter a number higher than 0 here), /jukebox region add REGIONNAME SONGURL.

    Your review sucks despite the large amount of help I've given you Julia, so even though I'm not associated with the devs in any way shape or form, I'm not going to give you any further help. You've done nothing but waste everyone's time.
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  3. thank you very much Drewflav! That was a review to just the plugin, not your help. I hope you can understand that. The review for your help is 5 Stars. Quickly helping. And offering extra-information. And understanding my problems perfectly. And have the knowledge to sovle them & how to explain them to me(and i think a lot of other thread-viewer which have similar problems) in a understandable way!!! I have to say thank you again!
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  4. love the idea of the plugin and I've seen it in good use before but where is a place I can get direct music from for the /jukebox music <name> <url> I've tried a few websites but they don't seem to like me, can I have some help please :)
  5. Something someone suggested further back in this thread was Dropbox, though you'd have to see how exactly they did it.

    I personally just host my files off my own website.
  6. All direct download links are supported. Dropbox links ends with "?dl=0" and Dropbox direct link ends with "?dl=1"0
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  8. where do i find my API key??
  9. [​IMG]

    It's easy to get started:
    1. Visit https://www.mcjukebox.net/admin - create an account, create a server, and copy the API key from the manage server page.
    2. Install MCJukebox, and restart/reload your server. Then type /jukebox setkey <APIKey> - this is using the key you copied from the panel.
    3. Then type /jukebox in game to open our web client. You can then use any of the below commands to trigger audio from in game.
  10. Looks like @Drewflav beat me to it! If you do have any trouble, however, you are welcome to email [email protected]
  11. Could I get an example url? I have no clue how to find those. If it works, I will buy. Thank you and have a great day
  12. The URL doesn't matter, as long as it ends in .mp3
  13. My plugin messages suddenly turned French lol?
    I've looked at my server settings on the McJukebox platform but they are all in English.
  14. Hi, can you please try to take a screenshot of the messages, and then reach out to me? Discord is best (see invite link on our main page), or alternatively you can email [email protected]. This is quite a serious problem and so I want to resolve it as soon as I can.
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  16. Apologies, I didn't - it's a bit tricky to keep track of all of the different places where discussions can happen. Can you email as much of the error as possible (I think some is missing above) to [email protected] so that I can investigate?
  17. Okay, i sended you full error on email
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  18. I have that error too..fix it