Spigot MCJukebox 2.6.8

Hosted web audio client, play music without downloads. New Sound Center alternative.

  1. why connecting needs Sounds Effects click here to connect web?
  2. The new "Click here to connect" screen is because of some changes in browsers such as Chrome. They no longer allow us to play audio before the user has interacted with the page, e.g by clicking on it.

    This was added by them to prevent autoplay ads but has had side effects for us too.
  3. thanks,I see :D
  4. @olivervscreeper Can you please fix that two errors that i reported you on your email, its spamming, plugin is very nice, and i really want to use it, but those errors are annoying..Please fix it as soon as possible!
  5. Hello, I have a mysterious problem, everything is working perfectly (Api key, region define, song per region, url, connecting to jukebox website) exept that when I enter a zone or do the command to play the music (while connected) like "/jukebox music Doje https://clyp.it/3a3ksqh4.mp3" (Doje is my username) or I enter a region that I defined with music but nothing is playing, no error message or anything. I'm using chrome, and chrome's sound is on. Do you have any idea ?
  6. Please drop us an email at [email protected] - we don't support clypit but we can help you to find an alternative :)
  7. @olivervscreeper Can you please fix those errors that i reported? i don't want to give bad reviews, but now its been a while since that errors are reported Here and on Email, but i didn't get answer or any solution

    like i said plugin is very nice, but gives two errors, please fix it so i can go rate 5 stars
  8. Hi, I'm in my college exam period at the moment and so I haven't had a chance to look I'm afraid. I have received your email and as soon as I can, I will fix it as a priority.

    I'm really sorry about the delay, but I hope you can understand.
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  9. Okay np, i will wait..just please don't forget about it, thank you
  10. Bonjour j'ai suivi les tutoriel a la lettre mais rien ne se passe quand je suis sur le serveur que je fait /jukebox ça ouvre la page internet mais je n'ai pas de sons qui démarre!
  11. Niall7459


    Does this use HTTP Live streaming?
    I must say this is pretty good! No more note block music!
  12. Hi Niall, thanks for the kind words!

    We use Socket.IO to establish a connection between the Minecraft server, our server and your web page, and from that can trigger audio using the Audio element. Hope this helps!
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    OpenAudioMc Import

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  14. Is this Plugin opensource?
  15. Code (Text):
    /jukebox music @all music.163.com/song/media/outer/url?id=35847559.mp3
    Why not work?
    Can't hear Music......
    Help me pls
    I seted keyapi ~
  16. Hi Lamplight,

    I tried that URL and it's going to a 404 page. Are you sure it's correct?
  17. olivervscreeper updated MCJukebox with a new update entry:

    Bug Fixes

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  18. I'm using this plugin quite some time now and it's great! But we'd really like to implement sounds which get louder as closer you get to the source. Do you think is would be possible to implement that?
  19. Hi DeadX,

    This sort of "speaker" system is something that has been requested, and we're looking into it. No promises to make for now though :)
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