Spigot MCJukebox 2.6.8

Hosted web audio client, play music without downloads. New Sound Center alternative.

  1. Every time I move around, I get this error.

  2. Hi,

    Are you using the latest versions of WorldEdit and WorldGuard? In particular the updates that came out around a week ago.
  3. Hi!

    I honestly haven't looked into Dropbox too much. If I remember rightly, they don't intentionally support it. While it may work with that change, they likely have rate limits and abuse detection that will mean it can only be played in that way a set number of times.
  4. Ok fair enough, the server resourcepacks I use in drop box are always working consistantly so I'm sure dropbox would work fine for MCJukeBox links aswell, I'll test it one time to confirm
  5. Which build number should I use from their CI?
  6. We build against the latest files uploaded to their Bukkit page :)
  7. Ah, yeah. Didn't notice they uploaded a new one, and it's no longer spamming. Thanks!
  8. Would it be possible to add a playlist feature? Playing multiple songs from a playlist in a spawn region for example.
  9. That's been requested in the past, and I'd like to do it. Unfortunately, it's really tough to add all of the features we'd need to make that happen.

    It's still on my list so hopefully one day :)
  10. Maybe a way to do it is to use a PLS/M3U file?
  11. Hi, is there an option to have the song in a region keep on playing despite leaving the area and coming back into range?
  12. Hi,

    I'm afraid that we don't offer that at the moment.

    One solution that people have tried is to use our shows feature, but this requires some commands to be run manually/with a command block on boot.
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  13. Thank you. And as I use the @Show feature, do I replace the <ign> part with @a so everyone who enters the area can hear the audio?
  14. In the case of shows, you should be using @showname. I'd suggest taking another look at the docs on the main Spigot page :)
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  15. hello there.

    I wanted to try out you plugin but I simply cannot get the "link" to work.

    I installed the plugin, created an account, logged in, created a server, restarted my server, used /jukebox setkey MY-API-KEY
    I get a message "generating link..."
    but nothing happens.

    my server version is paper 564 which is based on spigot 1.13.2

    thank you in advance :)
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  16. Hi,

    Could you email [email protected] for me?

    I'd love to take a closer look.
  17. ofc!

    did so :)
  18. Hello,

    I loved this plugin when I was a Spigot user.
    Sadly now we are under Sponge Forge in order to support mods.

    So I wonder, does a Sponge support is possible ?
    Or if you don't have time for that, I maybe could redone the plugin but for sponge. I wonder if this could work.

  19. Hi,

    You're more than welcome to look at the source code, and try to produce a Sponge port. It's all at https://github.com/oliverdunk/JukeboxAPI. I'm hoping to make an official port at some port in the future, as it's definitely possible, but I don't have a timeline on that unfortunately.
  20. Hi,

    I'll try to make one.I don't have that much time for myself but I think I'm able to produce something !