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  1. My server is experiencing quite a bit of lag and we have narrowed it down to MCMMO. Is there anyway to reduce the lag this plugin creates? I don't want to remove it as players do enjoy using it. I have the most up to date version and timings reports identify MCMMO as the main cause of the lag.
  2. Use the Spigot timings to find out which part of mcMMO is causing the lag. Or if you've done that already, which parts were causing the lag?
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  3. 0.07% 226.45% 6.91 s 113.22 ms 0.0 0.1k Task: ScoreboardWrapper$ScoreboardChangeTask(Single)

    0.06% 189.92% 5.89 s 94.96 ms 0.0 0.1k SelfListener::eek:nPlayerLevelUp(McMMOPlayerLevelUpEvent)
  4. Link to the full original timing?
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  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think mcMMO is your problem as it only takes an average of 0,27% of your total resources. What kind of lag are your players having exactly? TPS and server load seems just fine.
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  6. Block lag, mob lag, rubber banding. It's not constant it happens in spikes. I get it too. I am baffled because the TPS is always fine.
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    Do you set your Mcmmo database to clear inactive players or players with zero power? Your database might be causing mcmmo to have to take longer and longer if you have a 10k+ player database.

    I set to clear if inactive for 90 days and each restart it clears all players who have 0 power.

    I only say this because both the heavy tasks in mcmmo are Db related (I think).
  8. How do I do that? I doubt we would ever get to 10k players but if it helps I want to try,
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    Issues like that aren't always TPS related and could easily also be a network issue, Have you tried running the server without the mcMMO plugin and seeing if the issue is still present?
    Never had any issues with mcMMO and it's performance, However I'm not running the latest version at the moment so they might have broken something recently, I also use MySQL for the database so that kinda helps when the database gets large.
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    Check main config for purge options.

  11. Yeah I use MYSQL. Many of the players who complain of lag have higher pings. I tried telling them this but they say that is the servers fault. I know basic stuff like plugins and perms etc but when it comes to diagnosing lag etc its not my strong suit. I have Clearlag, I have my settings tweaked to reduce lag on the server like lower view distance, lessened mobs etc.
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    I would probably get them to tell you the ping between the client and the server, they can see this on the server list page. If the ping is too high unless it's a network fault in progress there isn't much you can do beyond considering to move the server to somewhere which is either closer to your playerbase or a provider with a better network.

    It's virtually impossible to provide an awesome connection to everybody in the world, Especially if it's not everybody who is having the issues it is more likely to be network related.
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    How's your NCP configuration? That is a VERY common source of block and movement cancellation for the 100ms+ pong crowd.

    @MarkElf2204 has a cheap and effective setup that can solve that.
  14. I only added NCP yesterday and the lag was happening before I had it.
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    The default NCP will have your laggy players throwing temper tantrums. It is hypersensitive and 20TPS won't do much. The anti-cheats basically assume everyone has 1-80ms ping.
  16. yes but I have only had it for 1 day. The lag has been happening for like over a week.
  17. Not quite sure why I was tagged here but I recommend updating to the latest development build which can be found here (click mcMMO.jar).

    I would recommend also going into your spgiot.yml and lowering your mob spawn rate just a bit and setting your server's view distance to 4.
  18. I have lowered all of those things and the dev build is what I was using first and it was creating way more lag than the version I am using now. Trust me I have been trying all kinds of things. I found an article on changing settings in, bukkit.yml and spigot.yml
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    His high ping players complaining of block lag and lagbacks and there is no defined source. I told him NCP doesn't play nice with high ping players regardless of TPS.

    Hence, the tag.