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mcMMO Experience Multipliers!

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    mcMMO Multiplier - mcMMO Experience Multipliers!

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  2. Does this stack with perm multipliers? i.e. Say I gave a player a 4.0x multiplier with McMMO's permissions.. then gave him a 3x multiplier from this, would he then have a total of 7x during the duration of the 3x or no.
  3. Theoretically, it should. Haven't looked at mcMMO's source to confirm how they deal with it, however. What happens here is the xp that is calculated from mcMMO is recalculated (multiplied) by the current multiplier.

    If the calculated XP already takes into account mcMMO's own multiplier, then yes, it should stack, internally. The plugin will only show the new XP calculated by the plugin.
  4. Kinda sounds like then it would be a 4x multiplier multiplied by 3.. totaling to 12 then?
  5. Yup. They should stack one by one. 4x * 3x = 12x multiplier. This is also the case when applying multiple multipliers with the plugin.

    Yx * Yx = Y^2x = 4x * 4x = 16x
  6. Ahh, that's pretty OP. Thanks.
  7. does/will it support 1.8.8+?
  8. Does this support 1.8?
  9. No mechanics are really being touched that could break the plugin when it comes to switching API versions, as it really just works off of mcMMO. So yes. Really the only thing to look out for are version dependent components. These include sounds & materials.

    However, I have provided a mapping for sounds for varying versions.
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  10. The %duration% variable isn't working in the announcement messages. Also, would you be able to add either a command to see active boosts, and/or a list of active boosts when logging in, as well as who activated them.
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    Configuration Changes & New view applied ability

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  12. Originally I never had the duration variable implemented for the announcement messages. It is now available along with some other features.
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    Better OfflinePlayer Implementation & Fixes

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  14. Thanks, great updates. I've thought of another small feature, the ability to tip the person who activated a booster (similar to Hypixel's booster tipping). By either clicking on the active booster on the applied boosters GUI (diamonds could have the glowing enchantment effect if they have not yet been tipped) or clicking the chat message that comes up showing the extra XP gained (the message could have an added "[Click here to show your appreciation and tip them $x]" that only shows if they have not yet tipped them), the person clicking would "tip" the person who activated the booster. I think this would work well if there was a configurable command with variables for the tipper and the person being tipped (for example, you could have a command to run to take $500 from the tipper and give $500 to the tipped person, or just have it give money to the tipped person but take nothing from the tipper).

    I believe this would create a greater incentive for players to purchase and use the mcMMO multipliers, making this plugin more valuable to server owners.
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    Tipping & Tweaks

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