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  1. I have seen some servers with signs that says whos the highest leved Miner. Like this
    1 place
    lvl 2150
    And that message is showed on a sign. And i was wondering if there was a plugin that automaticly updates and checks whos the highest leveled players on the server? And the if theres an player that got to a higher level than the ''CeeTox'' then it will automaticly change the name and the level so it fits the new player?

    If there maybe was a plugin that could do this? Because i dont think MCMMO can do this?
  2. They probably manually placed the signs down. Please provide screenshots if not.
  3. Like this:
  4. One way is by saving the location of the sign, then getting the sign from the location and when the highest level miner changes, you change the sign text by getting the sign from the stored location.
  5. Sounds complicated xD
    In OPPrison/Gemminers
  7. i think u mustnt write ips
  8. You are allowed to write the IPs of servers...
  9. Uh sorry i didnt knew this, my bad :D
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