Mcmmo versus WorldGuard help.

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  1. Hello, everyone.

    Does anyone knows how to make a worldguard region that limits mcmmo skill level? like unarmed.
    I want to make a RPG mob stages, and some people's unarmed level is so high so the Newbie level or a little bit sucks level is really simple to kill the mobs for them. but I want to each Region have level limits, like you want to get into this mob stage, and your unarmed skill level will be limited to specific standard like what I set up.
    does anyone know how to solve this problem?

    extra question... who can help me for this.. and thank you ;)
  2. Hey!
    So, are you wanna the high level players cannot enter the low level regions?
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  3. yes, but I prefer high level player can get low level regions also, but level will be limit what I set up
  4. I think that needs to be custom made
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