Spigot McMMO Withdraw [Now supports Vault] 1.4

Withdraw your McMMO credits, Skill levels and Money on note.

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    McMMO Notes - Withdraw your McMMO credits and levels on note.

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  2. [19:48:06] [Server thread/ERROR]: Could not load 'plugins/McMMOWithdraw.jar' in folder 'plugins'
    org.bukkit.plugin.UnknownDependencyException: RedeemableMCMMO

    Even though I have RedeemableMCMMO installed
  3. Are you sure that you have Redeemable MCMMO? It should start

    EDIT: Use this version of RedeemableMCMMO (click here), until i update to the latest version.
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  4. Hello dijabola18,

    This plugin seems great, and something I have been trying to find for a while! I have some suggestions that I think would not only benefit the plugin and it's flexibility, but also would help myself and others out too. My suggestions are listed below:

    - Support for GuiRedeemMCMMO (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/guiredeemmcmmo.6784/). This plugin is essentially a more up-to-date version of RedeemableMCMMO that also provides a GUI. I use this plugin and would not want to make the switch to RedeemableMCMMO to get this plugin to work.

    - Expanding to multiple types of withdrawal (either within this plugin as an all around withdrawal plugin, or separate plugins).
    + A common withdrawal that many plugins have is the "bank cheque" withdraw, where money can be withdrawn into a bank note (also displaying the users signature, and the value of the note).

    + Another type of withdrawal plugin that I am trying to find (which I am struggling for) is an experience withdrawal plugin. This would withdraw a certain amount of experience points (not levels but in total xp) into an enchanting bottle. This would display the "enchanter", along with the total xp value of the bottle (and also the option to either display the level or total xp in a placeholder).

    - Final suggestions would be customization over the item used to withdraw, as well as the addition of alias' in the configuration. If you were to add the multiple withdrawal types within this plugin or separate plugins then these features would be good to add for them too.

    Hopefully these suggestions are taken into consideration, and maybe added into the plugin or created as separate plugins. If the first suggestion of adding support for GuiRedeemMCMMO will be added, making me able to use this plugin without reverting to a different plugin.


    ~ Cronuside
  5. Hello Cronuside,

    Thank you for your time to download and discuss about new features. Already added support for GuiRedeemMCMMO it will be public in few days or less. And i think i'm gonna completely transfer plugin to GuiRedeemMCMMO.
    Second, expanding to multiple withdrawals, hm i dont know about that, maybe in the near future.
    I'm gonna add support for "GRM" so you can use the plugin without reverting to another plugin and then we can discuss for more :D

    Thank you a lot again.
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  6. Are you going to update to 1.12.1? <3
  7. I'm surprised that the latest review has not already been implemented. @dijabola18 Will you add in the feature the user requested?