Spigot MCMurder - Murder from Garry's Mod 1.1

Garry's Mod Murder put into Minecraft!

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    MCMurder - Murder from Garry's Mod - Garry's Mod Murder put into Minecraft!

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  2. Euhhh the plugin plzz.... update it to 1.9/1.11 xD LIKE
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  3. And add titles xD .....dhhdjxbdvrctxfsgdhhdhshbsbsbeh
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  4. I will look into this :) It might work now, but I've only worked and tested it with 1.8.8

    I will tag you and @Bevelio once completed :p
  5. @Dutchwilco and @Bevelio I have tested and the plugin does work with 1.11 so I will assume it does work from 1.8.8-1.11.2 and up. There is no reason it should not work for any version between there. If it does not, contact me and I'll fix anything that needs to be fixed :)
  7. Can you add titles and when Bystanders or Murder wins show "Murder has won!" like that.

  8. Commands/Permissions:

    /murder help : Default help for players : No Permissions
    /murder join random : Join a random arena : murder.arena.join
    /murder join <arenaId> : Join the specified arena : murder.arena.join
    /murder join help : Help about joining arenas (includes a list of all arenas) : No Permissions
    /murder leave : Leave your current game : murder.arena.leave

    /murder help admin : Help with arenas
    /murder arena create : Create an arena : murder.arena.create
    /murder arena delete <arenaId> : Delete the specified arena : murder.arena.delete
    /murder arena start <arenaId> : Force start an arena : murder.arena.start
    /murder arena stop <arenaId> : Force stop an arena : murder.arena.stop
    /murder arena enable <arenaId> : Enable an arena (must be disabled) : murder.arena.enable
    /murder arena disable <arenaId> : Disable an araena : murder.arena.disable
    /murder arena <setarena/setlobby/setspectate> <arenaId> : Set an arena's locations : murder.arena.setspawn
    /murder arena tp <arena/lobby/spectate> <arenaId> : Teleport to an arena's locations : murder.arena.tp
    /murder arena reload : Reload all arenas : murder.arena.reload
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  9. When you don't get the alerts and don't respond oh god
    Not at the moment, I can make one in the future
    Yes I will put an update out soon
  10. Mon serveur met le meurtre en rouge, il ne fonctionne pas. Et quand ferez-vous une mise à niveau. Et dans votre prochaine mise à jour, vous pourrez revenir en arrière vers le joueur et le nombre de joueurs dans le jeu. Merci pour votre réponse
  11. Can you update it to 1.12 please? :)

    And can you add configurable time? It would be perfect.
  12. It should work in 1.12. And yes I'm adding that now :)

    Update soon
  13. Could you add that the scrap spawns like an item in random coordinates of the map? It would be not so bored to wait to the scrap to happen.

    PD: Sorry about my English but I`m learning because I`m from another country :p

    And could you stablish a date for the release of the update? To make hype :)

    PD 2: There is a bug that you can change the item in hand with armor stands with arms
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  14. I've recorded it all for better performance and am currently adding more configuration.

    What would you like to see in the new update?
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  15. I would like if you add the ability to throw swords like in Hypixel if you could add it.

    There is a bug that when you start the server, you have to write /murder arena reload before you write /murder join (ID) because if not, you lose all your things and it says you that you are not in a murder game.
    I hope it is solved in the update.
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  16. Can it run on 1.12 plz?
  17. It runs in 1.12:
  18. Add a scoreboard.