Spigot MCMurder - Murder from Garry's Mod 1.1

Garry's Mod Murder put into Minecraft!

  1. Hai please video Tutorial

    I have not understood how to make his arena .
  2. Okay I will soon! :D
  3. does it work on spigot 1.10.2?
  4. It should. I haven't tested it, but I have no reason to believe it would not. Try it and let me know :)
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  6. TowelieDOH


    Suggestions/Requests from me and my players:
    [​IMG] This mini-game really needs a timer. The games can go on forever.
    [​IMG] It really needs an on screen player count, so people know how many players are still in.
    [​IMG] Players who are elminated, only turn invisible, but their running particles can still be seen and their punches can still be heard. Eliminated players can even push active players. It should be done like in the Hunger Games server, where eliminated players cannot interact with anything.
    [​IMG] Sometimes, eliminated players don't turn invisible. This is really annoying.
    [​IMG] Bystanders can hit each other. Albeit, it doesn't do any damage, it still does knockback and makes noise. This should be changed, IMO.
    [​IMG] We had a game in which the murderer left the game already but the game still went on. So, everyone who was still in got kind of... stuck. The game should end as soon as the murderer or detective leaves or the game should auto-choose a new murderer/detective.
    [​IMG] Eliminated players can stand in the way of someone's gun so they will block the arrows, therefor allowing them to interfere with the game's outcome.
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  7. TowelieDOH


    Please either release an update fixing some really critical stuff or release the sourcecode. This plugin is too awesome to just be left to die as it is.
    I am having weird problems, my players keep getting gold despite no longer being in the minigame, so maybe allow scrap material to be changed so it doesn't destroy my server's economy if something goes wrong.
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  8. Hi is there any command to save this arena ..? Because every time I restart the server ... and when Member will join in Murder game it will show error in command, so I am always doing: / murder arena enable ... and / murder arena start .... can you fix bugs This is ....
  9. Hey I'm a developer my self, i see a lot of potential in this game but there is A LOT missing. Could you let me help you work on this to make it something everyone would love and make it more reliable, or could you release the source code so I can at least fix the bugs. I work for a very large server network and we have this plugin, i just want to make it work properly and add the missing features.
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  10. I'm working on these fixes and suggestions from others now :)
  11. I'm currently working on a complete rework of this plugin. Looking back when I wrote the plugin, the code is not good. I'm nearly half way done in a complete rework with efficiency code, way more configuration, and all the features mentioned above.

    I'm sorry about being so inactive, I've been working a full time job this summer, on top of sports being everyday too. I'm doing my best i promise :p Stayed tuned
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  12. I would be more than welcome to help you with this project. I have a lot of experience in coding for servers and even make custom plugins for a popular network.
  13. This plugin has potential. I only have one problem though. When I join my 2nd arena, for some reason the murderer and the detective can't kill anyone. Do you have a solution? Thanks.
  14. You can create a sign to join?
    If yes How?
  15. Update Log:
    - Scoreboard (https://gyazo.com/b6cb969821a3d1d379a9375cb243ed10)
    - Actual arena names
    - More configuration (prefix, primary and secondary colors for the messages, game time limit, items, header on scoreboard, and more)
    - Safety checks for murderer and others leaving the game

    Also, I plan on releasing an API and full source of this once I am finished. Stay tuned! About 95% complete.

    - Stats (optional)
    - Rewards
    *Please leave more ideas down below

    @abandoncaptian @TowelieDOH
  16. When do u plan to have this update released?
  17. Is this plugin open source? I would like to see the source code :D Thanks
  18. I want to add placeholderAPI and some functions,also i want to translate the plugin to my language, i will not share the plugin it will be for my own server (that is online).May i rebuild the plugin? Please
  19. SO looking forward for it. I wish you'd had a github but nada :( Any rumors about the releasing date?
  20. No. And i hope its for 1.12