McMyAdmin with Spigot Advice Please

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    So about 2 years ago I ran a craftbukkit 1.6.4 server using McMyAdmin for about 30 students at a local school over their LAN.

    I had a range of plugins to help manage any conflicts such as swearing, region protects, teams etc.

    I remember about a year ago that there was some sort of fall out with craftbukkit or something and as a result I just stuck with 1.6.4. However now I would like to see if this is resolved and the best way to go about having an up to date server with new features and stable plugins.

    Randomly my McMyAdmin still only says 1.6.4 as a recommended build.

    OK so easiest thing is to fire my initial questions:
    1. Is there much difference using craftbukkit and spigot? I am happy to go with either but never really knew the difference.
    2. If I installed say spigot 1.12, is that stable? Would the majority of plugins work with it? If not what version should I go with?
    3. Is McMyAdmin fully compatible with both these modded servers? I remember having issues regarding group permissions when using it before and had to play around with the actual server permission files.
    This should start me off, but I am sure I will have lots more questions.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Spigot is a more performance oriented fork of CraftBukkit. PaperSpigot is even more performance oriented.

    It's stable (or maybe that's 1.11). Many new plugins may be available to use (that only work on 1.12), many old plugins may not work. Many non-working plugins have updates available.

    I wouldn't rely on a panel to interact with plugins on your server. Use the server directly. The panel should only, if necessary, be used to actually manage starting/stopping the server instance.
    1. Spigot supports server networks in combination with BungeeCord, Bukkit doesn't. In addition to what @themadman300 said.
    2. 1.12 isn't even out yet, guarenteed it is not stable. Plugins tend to take a while to update depending on how good and active the developer is.
    3. A panel shouldn't affect plugins nor mods. The panel just accesses the Jar, that's the main purpose. Like also said by @themadman300 it should mainly be used to start/restart/stop te server.
  3. mcmyadmin is outdated with their recommendations though
  4. Yeah all of the data for CraftBukkit versions isn't updated anymore since it 'died' - anyone on McMyAdmin 2 should be looking to upgrade to MCMA3/AMP which uses Spigot BuildTools and has much better support for various mods (MCMA3 is being updated and maintained, MCMA2 gets emergency patches only)