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  1. Does anyone know a good host that uses McMyAdmin. I'm looking for shared hosting for a small server that tops out at 30 players, averages about 20. Most players are in North America. Currently I'm paying $30/month to Fragnet. I do have a large map so about 20 gig of drive space will be needed. I don't need a website or voice server as I use Enjin and Discord.

    I do require the host to have been around for a few years. Pls don't reply that you have a host that you started two days ago.
  2. contact me on discord my friend runs a hosting service probably cheaper running mc my admin ObeySkittles#4980
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  3. Why do you want MCMyAdmin? It's not that of a great panel, there are a lot better options.

    I would recommend 2GB which you can get for $2 already.

    About a host needing to be that old, most innovate companies with good offers are relatively new. Also, I would not recommend big companies like MCProHosting.
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  4. As @FusionStyleFX said, there are WAY cheaper solutions out there, also curious as well, why do you need McMyAdmin only when there are better solutions such as Multicraft or even Pterodactyl? :unsure:
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  5. Doesn't look that great.
    Also, you don't know how secure it is, and if it runs isolated etc, those factors are also extremely important.
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  6. Multicraft is a way better panel, same with Ptero
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