Spigot MCPainter 1.1.0

MCPainter - skin, statues, pixelart, images!

  1. No problem. Don't forget to install BlocksHub if you want to log the blocks and/or have access control.
  2. Renders .obj but it renders as stone, can it support the colors of the .obj and use any mc block to make it fit?

    I know you did it, how?
  3. You need to have the OBJ + MTL files. If the MTL file contains textures you also need the texture files.
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  4. Thank you
  5. This is Awesome.

    Voxel Rendering works perfectly well (even with textures!), good job on MCPainter @SB_prime
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  6. Your welcome.
  7. Hey, trying to render an image (/mcpainter image)


    /MCPainter Image <img>

    It says it's drawing however nothing is drawing. Nothing comes up - am I missing something?
  8. holey moley

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  9. Really nice plugin! Instead of having to use converters for McEdit to import .obj files I can just use this plugin which does everything :D 2D generation from URL is really nifty too.
  10. I see you managed to fix the problem :)

    Try invoking:
    Code (Text):
    /MCPainter filter add dithering
    Before you draw the image :)
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  11. Is it working for 1.8?
  12. Yes it does.
  13. Cool :D
    Can you use the 1.8 blocks with it?
  14. Drawing large blocks from 1.8 no because I did not add them
    Using 1.8 blocks for drawing yes, all you need to do is to add the 1.8 blocks to the palette.
  15. And how do I do that?
    Also, how do I install the plugin on a 1.8 Server, because in the Instructions it says that you would need the 1.7.4.jar

    Keep up the good work :D
  16. The current release is not updated to minecraft 1.8. I did not update it because I currently do not have a creative server and no one asked for update. To install it you need to put the 1.7.x minecraft jar file, but that way you wont have access to 1.7 blocks. Or do some modifications and use the 1.8 jar file.

    You have 2 options to install the 1.8:
    1. Change the jar file name to 1.7.jar
    2. Update minecraft_1.7_... files (Change ModId regexp ModId: 1\.7\..+)
    Then add a new palette entry:
    - WOOL:0-VANILLA:assets/minecraft/textures/blocks/wool_colored_white.png

    Change the block name and the block texture.
  17. Ok, thats a little bit more than I can do :)
    If I wouldn't want to use 1.8 Stuff, then I would only need to take 1.7.4.jar and put it in its folder, right? :D
  18. Unfortunately not as you can see it requires a bit more work.
  19. Thats funny.
    I actually was just able a few minutes ago to render a Super Mario model on my 1.8 Server using the 1.7.4.jar File, and it worked perfect :D

    Maybe you have done better work to your plugin than you know ;)
  20. No you misunderstood me, its simple if you don't need 1.8 blocks, but if you want 1.8 blocks you need more work.
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