Spigot MCPlaceholderDashboard 1.0.1

Server dashboard on your android phone with loads of placeholders

  1. Maximvdw


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  2. Apple devices pl0x
  3. [​IMG]
    Nice [/CODE] :p

  4. Maximvdw


    location is send to the server you connect to for geographical tracking (Tried to do something with logging the API calls) not added yet
  5. Ok but it got me a privacy concern
  6. Will test this as Dutch player :p
  7. I'll defiantly take a look at this some time, it looks really good.
  8. Tested it and the Dutch language works fine. Was only wondering how to add more then one server from the same dedi. Do they have to use different WebAPI ports or something?
  9. Cldfire

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    This looks, amazing, and it has soooooooo much potential.

    Imagine what it would be like if a normal player could run a command in-game, input the resulting code + the server IP and instantly be able to view their stats on their android device.

    Even in its current form, add bungee support and this is a pretty slick admin tool.

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  10. You should animate the placeholders on the app when they load creating a fade in effect
    A button to edit and delete servers from the list would be a handy feature and a much needed one too!
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  11. Maximvdw


    just swype to the left
  12. Ok, it doesn't want to connect for some reason
  13. Keyboard lags when you edit the server and the screen goes white and doesn't display anything
  14. windows phone ?
  15. Get a real phone please.
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  16. What do you call a real phone then?

    I don't call glitching software good.
  17. Probably means a brick :)
  18. Anything that isn't Android (y). Oh and I don't call overpriced for under powered good :)

    9/10 -IGN
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  19. Potato v3.27 twix (kitkat reference)