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  1. Hey I am IAmNotPopular
    And I will be buying MCProHosting Minecraft Hosting

    What would be the beast platform and version to choose?
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  2. jeff142


    Not MCProHosting would be a good start
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  3. You will stay unpopular by using MCProHosting.
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  4. Then what hosting should I use?
  5. fonnneyyy guyy
  6. OVH
  7. I would recommend MPGServers or Nitrous-Network
  8. I don't understand why no one likes MCProHosting its #1 google search
  9. Because they are expensive and just crap, Kinda like Beats Headphones, but for minecraft servers
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  10. 10$/GB
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  11. Home :D
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  12. @Spooky18 Is there a hosting which is a really good hosting and is most likely NOT to shut down. And can have like a lot of players 1000+ Like what hostings do the big servers use? (MinePlex,TheArchon,CosmicPvp)
  13. @Zurg200 I currently have mine at home, But what happens if a professional hacker comes into your server they can just ddos the computer
  14. Dedicated servers
  15. As @minecraftkyle457 said, Dedicated Servers. (OVH/SYS)
  16. @Spooky18 I'm in the OVH Hosting how do I getinto the Minecraft hosting? / Plans
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  17. They don't do Minecraft Hosting, You buy servers to run Minecraft Servers on.
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